I’m Lilla Liptak

I was born in Budapest, Hungary, and spent the first 8 years of my life there before I moved with my family to Germany.

Despite the fact that it was the 90’s and that I lived in a small village of 6000 people in Germany I already knew at age 10 that I wanted to become a fashion designer and travel the world when I grow up.

There was no fashion design school nearby so I moved out of my parent’s house right after high school at age 17 for my studies.

At age 20 I graduated as a fashion designer and soon after started to work in the fashion industry in Germany.

After being 5 years in the industry I realized that I wanted MORE. My goal wasn’t to climb the career ladder, to settle down, purchase a house, and to work as an employee until I retire.

Instead, I wanted to travel the world, see all facets of the fashion industry, work at luxury fashion companies, study at prestigious Universities, and become my own boss.

So I did all of it.

First I gave up what I had and then started to realize one dream after the other.

In 2007 I was sitting on the plane to Los Angeles and my adventure began.

I solo traveled the world for several years and have been to Hawaii, New York, India, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Indonesia, Macedonia, Greece, and many more beautiful places.

I went back to Unversity and got my Bachelor’s degree in Management with the focus: Luxury Brand Management/Marketing and my Master’s degree in Design with the focus: Personal Branding on Instagram at the University of Applied Sciences in Nothern Germany. I also studied Fashion Illustration at the prestigious St Martins University of Arts and Design in London and Trendforecasting + Luxury Brand Management at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia.

Besides my travels and studies, I also interned at Anna Sui in New York, worked as a designer in India, and at Louis Vuitton in Europe amongst others. From trend forecasting, to design, product development, production, marketing, and retail I had the opportunity to gather work experience in all of these fields within the fashion industry for over 10 years before I started my first own business in the marketing field back in 2012.

Beyond attending the Fashion Week in several cities around the globe I also held various educational workshops on the topic of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Today I’m showing determined women how to build and market their business online and sharing the blueprint that helped me achieve my goals to support them achieve theirs!

Your only limit is your mind

– Lilla Liptak – 

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