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You have an active Pinterest account but your focus shifted?

Or you simply want to narrow down your niche?

In both cases, it makes sense to clean up your Pinterest boards.

In this post, you’ll learn how to clean up your Pinterest boards to attract the right audience, without losing your followers and without hurting your account.

Learn how to clean up Pinterest boards the right way and increase your success on Pinterest via #pinteresttips #bloggingtips #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak


  • Your Pinterest profile
  • Clean up your group boards
  • Check your personal boards
  • Update your keywords
  • Arrange your boards
  • Create board covers



Before you start changing up your boards you want to start with updating your Pinterest profile.

Are your profile name, Pinterest user name, and the description in your bio still up to date or do they need to be updated?

If they aren’t up to date anymore use the smart search bar to find new relevant keywords to use for your Pinterest bio.

Sprinkle them naturally into your bio text and avoid at all cost keyword stuffing.

What about your profile picture?

Do you have a new, high quality branded picture you want to use for your profile?

If so, now it’s the time to upload it to Pinterest.

Keep in mind that best for brand recognition is if you have the same profile picture and the same user name on all of your social media accounts.


How are your group boards doing?

The best way to check the performance of your group boards is by using tailwind analytics.

Tailwind is a Pinterest approved smart scheduler with which you can schedule your pins and see analytics like best and lowest performing boards and pins.

This analytics is gold for your Pinterest profile because it tells you exactly which of your boards are not worth bothering anymore.

Pinning to low-quality group boards can hurt your Pinterest profile big time.

No matter how awesome your pins are if they are pinned to a trashy board Pinterest will associate your pins with those crap boards and show them to fewer people.

Leave those low performing group boards as soon as possible.

Sometimes it’s even better to focus pinning to personal boards instead of group boards.

For example, my best performing board is a personal board with several viral pins on it and has a repin rate of 289.

On the other hand, my best performing group board has a repin rate of 5,3.

Learn how to clean up Pinterest boards the right way and increase your success on Pinterest via #pinteresttips #bloggingtips #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak

Repin rate = how many repin 1 pin gets

This group board is still doing good but I had also group boards with a repin rate of 0,02 which is really bad, so I left them.

Alone for the analytics part, it’s worth investing in tailwind.

Check the performance of your group boards using tailwind analytics and leave those that aren’t performing well.

For finding high-quality group boards you can use the free site called Pingroupie or Pinsprout.

Both are good free sites to find high-quality group boards to join.


Once you’re done with updating your profile and group boards, it’s time to head over to your personal boards.

Current boards:

Do these still represent your brand or are there some boards that aren’t in alignment with your business vision anymore?

The boards that aren’t matching your current profile anymore can be set as “secret”.

Stay away from deleting your boards.

Deleting boards will hurt your profile because you’ll lose the followers who are following just that board.  

By changing the boards to “secret” boards they will be still there but these boards will be hidden from your profile.

Before you set your boards to “secret” you can check your Pinterest analytics and see how these boards are performing.

If they have viral pins on it, it might be a better idea not to set those boards to “secret”, as they can bring you more traffic to your site when you leave them visible on your profile.

I personally have set those boards to secret though, because they weren’t in alignment with my brand anymore.

So it’s up to you.

Here is where you can find your best performing boards:

Go to your Pinterest analytics and then click to profile and select boards with top pin impressions.

Learn how to clean up Pinterest boards the right way and increase your success on Pinterest via #pinteresttips #bloggingtips #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak

As the next step see if you can add more boards to your profile.

Have you added new categories to your blog that aren’t present on your Pinterest profile yet?

If so it’s time to create and add these new missing boards to your Pinterest profile.


Same as for your Pinterest bio also applies for updating your Pinterest boards.

Check if the keywords on your boards are relevant to your business and more importantly to the audience you want to serve.

Simply go to the Pinterest smart search bar and type in the keyword you think your audience might be interested in and searching for.

Pinterest will come up with more suggestions for that word.

Use those suggestions if they fit your blog content, audience, and your pins.


Drag and drop your boards as you wish.

I’d suggest having your personal boards first followed by the group boards you are on.

Make your very first board about your blog / online business.

This board will be presented as your featured board on your profile.

It’s a great way to showcase to your audience what you’ve got to offer.


This one is really optional, you don’t have to create board covers for your personal boards.

However, it gives a nicer, more cohesive, neat look to your profile if you do so and strengthens your branding. 

You can create your board covers very easily by either using Canva or by signing up for a free trial at Picmonkey.

The difference between the two is that you can create more unique designs with Picmonkey compared to Canva.

I personally have both as a paid version and use them both.

To create the board covers you can choose the size 300 x 300.

This size works for now but I’d suggest making a Google search before you start creating them create them as Pinterest likes to change things up.  


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