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This is part 3 of 3 of the motivation series.

  1. How to keep yourself motivated when doubt creeps in 
  2. 7 motivation tips to combat overwhelm 
  3. How to be consistent and stay motivated to tackle your goals 

Sometimes I also have days where I don’t want to pursue my goals.

I don’t feel motivated to go for it although I know that consistency is key to success.

But being consistent in pursuing goals is not always easy.

How to be consistent and how to be motivated to tackle our goals when all we want to do is taking a break?

Occasionally we have to push through our boundaries to get things done.

Today I share with you 4 simple, yet effective tips you can use to get yourself motivated and learn how to be consistent with your goals easily.

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  • Be present 
  • Move your body 
  • Plan ahead of time
  • Push through your comfort zone and just do it
  • Focus on the import



There was a study done on 2 groups of people who had the same task of exercising for a certain amount of time every day with the end goal to lose weight.

1 group was instructed to focus on the end goal during their workout while the other group should focus on the actual process of working out.

People from the second group, who were given to focus on the action and not on the end goal, were more likely to achieve higher results and were more motivated compared to their peer group who were focusing solely on their end goal.

Translated the findings of this study to our situation we can say that having the end goal in mind is great, but focusing on the things which get you there will be more beneficial for you in achieving it.

Focus on the action and not on the outcome.


We are most focused and productive in the morning right after waking up.

Our brain is restored, our body is rested, our cells are refreshed and our mind is relaxed.

Use your focus in the morning hours to create first.  

Try to consume only afterward.

When you aren’t able to use the morning hours to get things done do it in the afternoon.

Go for a walk or exercise before you start with your work to refocus your brain.

By doing exercise before you start working your brain is going to help you achieve your goals by releasing relaxing, mood-enhancing hormones into your body.

You’ll be more focused after your workout to tackle your goals.

In case you can’t go to the gym for whatever reason and don’t want to workout with a youtube video you can get yourself a home trainer and start cycling while you’re watching your favorite movie or while you’re listening to a podcast.

Whenever I can’t get things done in the morning and have to do it in the afternoon, I hop on my exercise bike with an inspiring podcast and it always helps.

Try it out next time.


Either take a few minutes each evening as part of your evening routine to plan out your next day the night before.

Or plan your entire week or even your entire month on a Sunday afternoon ahead of time. 

Schedule the exact tasks you want to get done the next day / the next week or the entire month.

Schedule these tasks in your calendar.

We are more likely to get things done when we know exactly what we “have to” do.

Set yourself no more than 1-3 main goals for the day and work on this with a fresh, relaxed mind right in the morning hours or after a workout.  


If all 3 attempts fail to support you get yourself back to motivation try this:

Envision your goals being outside of your comfort zone.

Push through the boundaries of your comfort zone to move towards your goals.

Whenever we start to do sth we are unfamiliar with and want to make it our new habit, our brain starts to release different hormones we are used to.

Our cells react to these hormones in another way and we recognize the change in a feeling of discomfort.

The meaning we give to the feelings we feel, however, is up to us.

To make it simple I want you to imagine 2 rock stars who are both about to go onto the stage.

They both have a tingling sensation in their fingertips, an accelerated heartbeat with a rush of heat showering their bodies.

Rockstar no 1 interprets this feeling as excitement.

She can’t wait to get onto the stage and to rock the house.

Rockstar no 2, on the other hand, is interpreting these signs as a panic attack and refuses to go onto the stage to perform the show.

Feeling discomfort is a sign that you are crossing the borders of your comfort zone.

And this doesn’t have to necessarily be interpreted as a bad thing.

It’s always up to us what we see and how we interpret our feelings.

You can recognize your feelings and just do it anyway or use your feelings as an excuse for not pursuing your dreams.


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