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I guess we’ve all been there…

We have a lot to do, but no motivation at all to get our stuff done.

In this scenario, everything else seems to be easier to do than actually the work that we have to do.

Washing the dishes, preparing another load for the washing machine, scrolling randomly on social media, pinning stuff on Pinterest, calling mum or chatting with a friend.

You may have other ways to distract yourself from actually doing the work when you feel unmotivated.

But the work you are putting off still needs to be done.

So why not tackle it right away and enjoy the free time afterward?

Thank goodness there are a few simple strategies you can use to up your productivity game even when you’re motivated.

Ready to dive in?

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  • Sleep well
  • Have a clear plan
  • Practice self-care
  • Have a distraction-free zone
  • Use the go for your dreams planner
  • Workout
  • Eat well
  • Drink plenty of water


What sleeping and productivity?

Yes, the amount of sleep you get every night affects your productivity the next day.

Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis is what’s recommended by the Harvard Medical School.

Stressed out and busy people tend to sleep less.

However sleeping less has a negative effect on overall health, well-being, and brain performance.

Whenever someone is sleeping less than 7 to 8 hours for several days in a row the overall performance drops.

The brain isn’t able to fully function anymore and functions similarly to a person who is drunk.

Focusing on a task in this condition becomes like a burden.

To lay the foundation for a productive day, make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before.


Have a clear plan on what you have to do.

Know exactly which tasks need to be done.

Schedule the night before the tasks you want to tackle the next day.

Do not overwhelm yourself with a huge to-do list and thousands of tasks on it.

Keep it simple, but significant.

Focus on the tasks that move the needle forward.


Practice self-care by an energizing morning ritual to recharge your batteries before you get started.

Having time just for yourself and caring for your body, mind, and soul before you get started will have a positive effect on your overall performance.

Establish a morning and evening routine for yourself to start and end the days relaxed.


Make sure you have a distraction-free zone whenever you feel unmotivated doing the work.

By distraction-free, I mean no clutter around you in your office.

Tidy up the desk the night before so you always have a clean desk you can work on.

Switch off the phone (if it’s a major distraction for you) and install The Freedom App on your laptop.

The freedom app will prevent you from checking your social media accounts and getting distracted by them throughout your work session.

An additional great way is to switch off all outside noises as well by using earplugs.

This way you won’t hear anything and can’t be distracted by your phone or your social media accounts.


My tip number 5 is to use the Go For Your Dreams Planner.

The templates in this printable planner will help you get clear about your greater future vision and walks you through the process of breaking it down into bite-sized action steps.

Included in the Go For Your Dreams Planner is also the Master Your Task template that is based on the Pomodoro technique.

Before you get to work you set yourself the goals you want to accomplish that day and estimate the time how long it’ll take to get each done.

You then set yourself a timer and track your progress every 25 minutes in the planner.

After every 25 minutes, you make a little break of 5 minutes to open the window and to get some fresh air, grab a snack, drink a glass of water, or to stretch your arms and legs.

Then you continue with another 25-minute slot and repeat the process until you are done.


Exercising can do wonders when you feel unmotivated or unfocused.

For this purpose, I have this home trainer in my office.

No joke and it always helps to get me back on track.

I heard this tip once, gave it a try and it worked.

Exercising helps us release important chemicals in our brains.

These chemicals help us to concentrate, enhances our focus, and improve our memory.


There are certain foods making us feeling dull after eating them like heavy, oily dishes.

These foods need a lot of energy from our bodies to digest.

The result is that we feel tired and unmotivated to do anything afterward.

Make sure to avoid these type of dishes when you want to get stuff done and to eat those foods after you are done.

On the contrary to hindering foods, there are also supportive foods you can eat to boost your productivity.

One of my favorites is bananas.

But also dark chocolate and nuts can help your brain give the power it needs to stay focused.


Drinking water has numerous amount of benefits for our overall well being.

It not only boosts our immune systems, prevents headaches, maximizes our physical performance but also helps our brain function better.

By water, I mean plain, clean water.

This is the machine I use to clean tap water.


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