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I remember in 2009 talking about blogging in the trend forecasting class at the university.

My team members and I were analyzing fashion blogs back then as part of our trend forecasting project. 

I had no idea at that time that I’d become a blogger myself just 4 years later.

I started my first blog in summer 2013 at a Buddhist monastery in Italy with the purpose to share my ideas about conscious living with the world. 

I had also no clue back then that it’s possible to make money as a blogger. 

A few years passed since 2013 and I learned over the past years a lot about blogging.

If you are considering starting your own blog/online business you might ask yourself as well how bloggers make money online.  

In this post, I share with you how two successful bloggers make money with their blogs and 7 popular blogging niches for 2021.


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  • How to make money with a blog
  • 7 profitable and popular blog niches for 2021



Lauryn Evarts Bosstick started her health and fitness blog called The Skinny Confidential in 2009. 

While she was blogging 5 times per week besides working and going to college, she mentioned in an interview that it took her 3 years to monetize her blog. 

She never stopped blogging since 2009 and built not only a strong brand but also a large following around her brand within the past 12 years. 

Today she is not only blogging about health and fitness anymore. Instead, you can read from her surgery experiences to beauty, wellness, and travel tips everything on her blog. 

Besides her wildly successful blog she has today 1million followers on Instagram. 

How does she make money?
She uses affiliate marketing as well as influencer marketing to make money with her blog. She recommends very frequently products via her blog articles and via her Instagram stories. She features brands she is working with on her podcast. 

Besides these marketing strategies, she also offers a wide range of her own products on her blog. Her products range from ebooks to memberships, online courses, and consultations. 


Rachel Hollis started her first business as an event planner almost 2 decades ago and she started a blog called the “Chic Site” in 2008. From working as an event planner and being a food blogger for several years she became in 2018 and 2019 the best selling author of two motivational books for women, called Girl Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing.

Prior to her breakthrough as a best-selling author, she has written several other books that were published and that terribly failed. Her attitude of not giving up on her dream and blogging for over 10 years straight brought her to the place where she is today.

Today, she is not only a blogger and a well-known author across the globe but also a recognized motivational speaker in the USA.

How does she make money?

She uses affiliate marketing and influencer marketing on her blog and on Instagram. Besides her books, she Co-created a fashion line for QVC in 2019, sells Live events, online coaching courses, and journals via her Instagram stories and via her second website called The Hollis Co. Sidenote: She rebranded her blog called The Chic Site to Mrs. Rachel Hollis at the beginning of 2020.

Both of these successful women were blogging for years prior to their success.

They have both in common that they are still using blogging as part of their business strategy.


Because blogging is the backbone of an online business.

You can also see in these two examples that blogging is not a get rich quick thing.
It’s more like a marathon, that helps you build a recognizable, successful brand and business over time. 



Health & wellness and also the fitness and food niche are one of the most popular (if not the most popular) niches in the world.

All four will continue to do well in 2021 and beyond. 


Pinch of Yum – Food

Mrs. Rachel Hollis – Started as a Food blogger, meanwhile a lifestyle blog

The Skinny Confidential – Started as a Fitness blogger meanwhile a lifestyle blog


Whether you want to learn about budgeting, frugal living, financial freedom, or how to keep, save, invest, or make money this niche is relevant and will continue to do well in 2021. 


Mr. Money mustache – Financial Freedom 

The Budget Mom – Budgeting/Frugal Living


The climate crisis and the Fridays for Future movement were the tipping points for sustainability relevant topics to reach mass media.

Before then sustainability was more considered as an alternative niche, not everyone wanted to read or talk about it.

This definitely has changed. Conscious consumerism and everything related to zero waste & low waste, thrift store products, and environmental topics are on the rise and a relevant niche for 2021 and beyond.


Zero Waste Home – Zero Waste Lifestyle

Max La Manna – Zero Waste Cook


Whether it’s about traditional parenting ideas, conscious parenting, or homeschooling ideas this niche is popular in 2020 and will very likely stay popular in the future as well. With the majority of Pinterest users being millennial moms, parenting blog posts are popular on Pinterest. 


Scary Mommy – Entertainment and informational blog for millennial moms

Happy You Happy Family – Conscious parenting blog


Do it yourself is about crafting ideas for kids or decoration ideas around the house and garden. It also includes topics as building a tiny house from scratch or reconstructing a bus to a mobile home. The possibilities are endless and besides food and parenting one of the most popular niches for Pinterest.


Smart School House – DIY Crafts & Recipes

Addicted 2 Decorating – DIY & Home Decoration


This blog could be either about the current fashion trends or about a specific trend or fashion niche.

It’s a very popular blogging niche since the early 2000s and the trend for fashion blogs is still continuing. 


The Viva Luxury – Fashion and Style Blog

Travel Fashion Girl – What to pack in a carry on bag on a trip around the world


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