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Today it’s not enough anymore to set up a blog and publish a few blog posts to get recognized by your target audience. 

We live in information overflow and you need a plan and the right strategies in place to be seen online.

You probably have the burning desire to learn how you can increase the traffic to your blog.

There are many ways to do so, from which my favorite is:  Pinterest in combination with Tailwind.

Why I love Pinterest?

I could reach with less than 300 followers over 1 million people on Pinterest within the first 11 weeks of starting this blog back in 2018.

My main source for traffic to my blog up to date is still Pinterest.

It’s all organic, free that means that I don’t pay for advertisement it happens naturally.

Here you can see how my Pinterest account looked in the beginning just a few weeks after I started it.

Learn how to use tailwind tribes to increase your blog traffic via #tailwindtribes #howtousetailwind #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak

Learn how to use tailwind tribes to increase your traffic via #tailwindtribes #howtousetailwind #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak

In this post, I share with you strategies you can use to increase your reach on Pinterest and traffic to your blog as well by using Tailwind.


  • What is Tailwind
  • Why Tailwind
  • How does Tailwind work
  • What are Tailwind tribes
  • Why Tailwind tribes
  • How to find the best Tailwind tribes
  • How to use Tailwind tribes


Tailwind is a smart scheduler officially approved by Pinterest.

Their approach is to make social media marketing easy.

Which they definitely do!

With Tailwind you can schedule your pins to your Pinterest account and your posts to your Instagram account.

I personally use Tailwind just for Pinterest so far and Planoly to plan out my Instagram posts.


With Tailwind you can schedule your pins to your Pinterest account very easily.

You can, of course, also pin manually but have to keep in mind:

One important strategy to succeed on Pinterest is pinning regularly your content and other peoples content to the platform.

By regularly I mean every single day, several times throughout the day.

Yes also on holidays, Sundays, and while you’re on vacation.

Even better if you know when your audience is online and pin at these optimal times to your boards, so they actually see your pins when they are online and can react to it.

If your audience is on the other side of the globe (as in my case) you would need to pin at night.

This is actually what I did before I signed up for the annual plan withTailwind.

You need trial and error to find out when your audience is online or even might never find out.

That’s when Tailwind comes into play.

Tailwind and Pinterest work together.

It draws all the information from your Pinterest account and gives you suggestions on when to pin (called smart schedule) and what to pin (called a smart loop).

It basically gives you instructions on what you can do to increase your success on Pinterest.

On top of that, it pins for you!

All you have to do is to set up the schedule beforehand and see your Pinterest account grow!

I started this blog on April 12th, 2018. The first month I pinned solely manually onto my Pinterest account and signed up for an annual tailwind plan just one month later in May 2018.

Below you can see how this affected the growth of my Pinterest account.

Learn how to use tailwind tribes to increase your blog traffic via #tailwindtribes #howtousetailwind #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak

I’d suggest to set up a schedule with Tailwind for 1 month or so, so you don’t have to worry about when and what to pin each day during the month and focus your attention on your analytics instead.

With Tailwind you have access to the analytics where you can see exactly which of your pins and boards perform best and worst.

This information alone is gold! It helps you to create more of the good stuff and less of what isn’t working that well.

So for example whenever I see a drop in my spike I check my pins and schedule a few high performing pins to boost my account.

Use Tailwind analytics to create more of what’s working and less of what’s isn’t.

Sign up for a free 14 days trial on tailwind via this link!


Another great feature of Tailwind is their so-called Tailwind Tribes.

This is basically a feature very similar to the Pinterest group boards with a few major distinctions.

While as a new blogger it’s really hard to get onto high-quality and good performing group boards on Pinterest, it’s really easy to join tailwind tribes.

You don’t need a large following on Pinterest in order to join a Tailwind tribe.

There is also less likely that a tribe is trashy.

While some group boards tend to be a dump for spammy pins, tailwind tribes are more monitored.


You can see upfront how the tribe is doing.

Everyone who is participating in the tribe has to pin at least a 1:1 ratio or will otherwise be removed from the tribe.

This means there is a very high chance that if you have gorgeous pins and great blog posts your pin will be shared in the tribe by another member.

In case you are a brand new blogger chances are high that the person who is going to share your stuff has a higher following than you do.

This means your pin will be seen by a larger audience which increases your reach on Pinterest and might drive some traffic to your blog as well.

The best part is that you can join up to 5 Tailwind tribes for free and submit a max of 30 pins per month.


With your Tailwind plus plan, you’ll see on your dashboard the column tribes. (I don’t know how it exactly looks like with a free account because I immediately signed up for the annual plan, but I guess it’ll be similar.)

By clicking on tribes you see the tabs “your tribes”, “find a tribe”, “create a tribe”.

Learn how to use tailwind tribes to increase your blog traffic via #tailwindtribes #howtousetailwind #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak

To find a new tribe you go to “find a tribe” and type in the category/niche you are looking for.

You can either use the search bar or the given category you can choose from to find your perfect tribe.

Learn how to use tailwind tribes to increase your blog traffic via #tailwindtribes #howtousetailwind #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak

Let’s say you are looking for a health-related tribe.  

Simply put health into the search bar and Tailwind will show you all health-related tribes.

Learn how to use tailwind tribes to increase your blog traffic via #tailwindtribes #howtousetailwind #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak

Before joining a tribe you can preview the tribe.

You’ll also see how many members are in the tribe and how active the tribe is.

This one is an example of a very active tribe that might be worth trying.

Next, to the activity bar you usually either see a button called “request to join” or simply a join button.

In this example, there is the button “add powerup to join” which means that I’m already in 5 tribes and would need to upgrade my plan if I wanted to join more.

Learn how to use tailwind tribes to increase your blog traffic via #tailwindtribes #howtousetailwind #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak


Once you joined the tribe of your choice you can start looking for content to pin from there and upload your own pins to the tribe to be shared by others.


When you found a pin you want to share on your Pinterest account:

  1. check the website the pin is linked to, to make sure that it’s not a spammy or blocked website + that it’s a blog and a post your audience would actually enjoy reading
  2. If the blog is good you select the board you want the pin to go onto. In this example, I found a pin that would be a good fit for, my financial freedom board.
  3. You can either set a custom time or hit add to the queue. When you hit add to queue Tailwind will naturally put this pin in your smart schedule + pin it to Pinterest at the next optimized time for you.

This feature is probably only available with the paid plus plan though.

Learn how to use tailwind tribes to increase your blog traffic via #tailwindtribes #howtousetailwind #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak

Learn how to use tailwind tribes to increase your blog traffic via #tailwindtribes #howtousetailwind #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak


Before you can schedule your pins from your blog to tailwind you have to install the tailwind chrome extension on your computer.

Once you’ve done that you’ll see a little blue tailwind sign in the left corner of your pin saying “schedule” on all of your pins.

This is similar to the “pin it” button from Pinterest.

Learn how to use tailwind tribes to increase your blog traffic via #tailwindtribes #howtousetailwind #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak

Then you go to your blog and hit the little blue tailwind icon for the pin that you want to upload to the tailwind tribe.  

A second window will pop up where you can hit the button called “add to tribes” and select the tribe you want the pin to be added to.

Learn how to use tailwind tribes to increase your blog traffic via #tailwindtribes #howtousetailwind #bloggingforbeginners #lillaliptak


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