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Whether you have a brand new blog or are already in the game for a while once you have a website up and running the next step is to drive traffic to it. 

People won’t magically stumble upon your blog.

I remember being so nervous when I launched my previous blog 6 years ago and guess what.

No one knew it even existed.

Why? Because there are tons of other blogs and websites out there.

If you want your content to be seen YOU have to go out there and present yourself online to be found by your ideal audience.

Pinterest is an amazing way to do so.

It’s a free platform with a highly engaged audience, mostly women constantly searching for new content.

All you have to do is to put your content on there and let yourself be found by the people you want to attract.

It’s not as easy as it sounds but I promise once you invest a little time to learn about the platform you figure it out and you just might love it as much as I do.

To get started you can sign up for my free Pinterest Training here!

For all of you who want a deeper understanding of how Pinterest works and want to learn about all the ins and outs, I’d recommend investing in an in-depth course entirely dedicated to Pinterest.

I’ve personally taken 6 in-depth courses on Pinterest and also read 1 book entirely dedicated to Pinterest.

My conclusion is that they all taught me something I didn’t know before, but the only course I feel really touched on everything you need to know in order to rock the platform and to generate free traffic to your blog is the course called Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

So in retrospect, if I’d buy only one course on Pinterest now with the knowledge I have today I’d skip all other courses and the book and would only invest in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

If I knew this earlier it would have saved me a couple of hundreds of dollars and a lot of time too.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake, therefore, I decided to write this review on Pinterest Traffic Avalanche so you can decide for yourself whether it’s a course you want to invest in as well.

Pinterest traffic avalanche shows you how to use Pinterest to generate organic traffic to your blog for free. This review is based on my experience and intended to help you decide whether it's worth investing in this course or not. #pinteresttrafficavalanche #pinteresttraffictips #pinteresttrafficblog #lillaliptak


  • Course overview
  • About Alex and Lauren
  • My success with Pinterest Traffic Avalanche
  • Best parts about the course
  • How the course could be improved
  • The bottom line




Pinterest Traffic Avalanche offers a solid overview of:

  • how Pinterest works
  • how to use Pinterest and Tailwind to drive free traffic to your blog
  • offers advanced tips and secrets from Lauren and Alex on their best practices to rock Pinterest

The course consists of 8 Modules with over 25 training videos and pdf files to download.

The course is constantly being updated so you don’t have to worry about algorithm changes they’ve got you covered.

In the course you’ll learn:

  • why Pinterest is the platform to be on to promote your blog/business for free
  • how to set up your Pinterest business profile
  • all about Pinterest search engine optimization
  • how to design your custom made pins with Canva
  • the do’s and don’ts of pin designs
  • different pinning strategies depending on how many blog posts you have
  • pinning strategies depending on the stage you are in right now from beginner to advanced blogger
  • how to create viral content on Pinterest
  • good and bad Pinterest practices
  • how Pinterest group boards work
  • how to use Tailwind to schedule your pins
  • how to use tailwind tribes with a walkthrough
  • how to track your progress and analytics using Pinterest and Tailwind to create the content your audience wants
  • how to promote your pins on Pinterest

You’ll also get Bonuses like the Ninja Secrets Alex and Lauren use as part of their successful Pinterest strategy.

Besides the lifetime access to their course including all future updates for free, you’ll also get access to their private Facebook group where you can ask your Pinterest related questions and connect with other bloggers and content creators who also have purchased this course.

Additionally to that Alex and Lauren are once a month in the group answering your questions with a video.


Who are Alex and Lauren?

Alex and Lauren are 2 friends from Dallas, Texas.

They both worked in a corporate job, Lauren as an accountant and Alex as a health and fitness trainer before they started their first health and wellness blog called Avocadu in September 2015.

In the beginning, they rarely had any visitors to their blog and didn’t make money from it for the first 4 months at all.

But they didn’t give up, instead, they tried and tweaked their processes on getting traffic and to monetize their site and within the first year, they succeeded.

They quickly turned their blog into a six-figure online business.

In 2016 they added their second blog called to their portfolio where they teach aspiring online entrepreneurs all things about blogging. 

From launching a blog biz to driving traffic and monetizing a blog.

They have all the courses you need to create a successful blog based online business.

Fast forward to 2020 and they have over ½ million unique visitors each month on their website using Pinterest as the main source for their traffic.

From this traffic, they are able to make now around $150.000 / month with their two blogs.

Pinterest is their number one source for free traffic to both of their blogs.

In their course Pinterest Traffic Avalanche they show you how to get started with Pinterest and reveal all their secrets to their Pinterest success.


As already mentioned before, I wasn’t new to Pinterest at the time I purchased Pinterest Traffic Avalanche and had already a good success on Pinterest.

However, somehow I couldn’t crack the 2 million monthly reach mark.

Impressed by their online success with Pinterest I wanted to learn all about their Pinterest secrets, took their course in January 2019, and implemented their strategy from February to March in 2019.

By following their exact strategy they teach in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche the number of people I reached on Pinterest increased from 2 million to over 4 million within that one month!

Learn how to master Pinterest via #bloggingtips #bloggingforbeginners #blogtraffic #lillaliptak


No way! The moment I stopped applying their strategy my numbers started to decline again.

Right now my Pinterest game is entirely on autopilot and I’m still able to reach over 1 million monthly viewers on Pinterest!

It’s insane how much impact their strategies had on my Pinterest success!

While I won’t promise that you’ll reach 1 million on autopilot or 4 million people within a month I truly believe that their strategies can help you set up a good foundation on Pinterest.

That being said I decided to partner with them and to promote their Pinterest course on my website to my audience because want you to succeed and I truly believe that it can be a gamechanger for your Blog traffic!


Alex and Lauren mention that they’ve tracked a lot of numbers in the beginning (maybe they still do) to make sure that they’re on the right track with their Pinterest strategy.

  1. I’m personally not into numbers at all, and have therefore a hard time to do the same. I wish there was a section in the course for creatives who aren’t so much into numbers addressing a system to use which doesn’t involve tracking so many numbers.
  2. Another thing I wish was in the course is how to change the strategy on Pinterest when you notice that you aren’t attracting the ideal audience to your blog with your pins.
  3. They also don’t mention the possibility of making money with Pinterest by getting paid for pinning, which I believe would be interesting for creative entrepreneurs as well. 
  4. Knowing how to sell things via Pinterest pins would be interesting, too.


For me personally, the best parts about the course are:

  1. the pinning strategies (a step by step walkthrough from beginner to pro)
  2. how to create viral content to your website to increase the click-through rate (= that people actually click on your pin to visit your website) 
  3. how to use Pinterest and Tailwind analytics to create the content my audience wants to see (a step by step walkthrough)
  4. the ninja secrets

For anyone new to Pinterest I believe all other parts of the course especially how to set up and use Pinterest and Tailwind will be very valuable as well.

But as I already had taken a couple of other courses before and was active on Pinterest these were the parts of the course I am most excited about. 


Considering the content, the value, and the things which could be improved in the course I can clearly say that I highly recommend Pinterest Traffic Avalanche to anyone who:

  • is new to Pinterest and wants to learn the basics and proven strategies on how to use Pinterest to increase blog traffic
  • has a blog or online business and wants to significantly increase their blog traffic (=without paid ads) by using Pinterest
  • wants to increase their reach online 

Your blog deserves more visitors as well!

Get started with the right strategies and Join Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Now!