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Do you have dreams you’d love to realize but have your plates full of other things and don’t know how to free up more time to go for your dreams?

I get it because I’m a busy person myself and always have new goals and dreams I’m working on while juggling between being a mom and being an entrepreneur.

Over time I found some really effective ways to tackle my daily to-do list and to go for my dreams simultaneously without burning out.

In this post, I share with you 9 productivity tips for more success.

These are the exact tips I use myself to achieve my life and business goals.

I believe these tips will help you gain more control over your time and support you to be more productive as well.

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  • Create and consume mindfully
  • Batch work
  • Know what you want
  • Schedule your tasks
  • Focus on your most important task first
  • Set yourself a time limit
  • Avoid distractions
  • Check your emails once per day
  • Manage your energy well



Our society is trained to consume which has the consequence that we are more focused on consumption and less focused on creation.

Pay attention to your behavior and soon you’ll realize that most of the time you either are consuming or creating something.

Creating something might be as simple as baking a pizza.

In case you dislike cooking as much as I do you rather order a pizza at the delivery service (=you consume) than go to the grocery store to buy the ingredients and bake the pizza at home by yourself (=creation).

The same principle applies to all areas of our life.

We either switch on the tv after work in the evening and (consume) or sit down to plan the next day ahead (create).

There is nothing wrong with consumption as long as it supports you in your goal.

For example, if my goal is to write a blog post and I order a pizza and write the blog post instead of going to the grocery store and baking the pizza myself the consumption of the pizza supports me in my goal.

Because I used my consumption to free up time to create more.

If I’d be a food blogger or someone who finds cooking enjoyable or relaxing it might make more sense to bake the pizza myself.

What I’d like you to do is to think about situations in your life where you tend to create and situations in which you tend to consume.

Let’s say you like to watch tv in the evening. Does watching tv support you in your goals?

In case you love watching tv because you find it relaxing you could ask yourself how much time you need to relax.

Can you shorten the time of watching tv and use the freed up time for something else that brings you closer to your goal?

Like planning out your next day for example.


Another great thing I love to do to get more stuff done is batching!

Which means that you are taking similar tasks and do them all in a row.

For example, I love to batch creating blog posts and I also love to batch creating pins for Pinterest.

The advantage of batching is that by doing similar tasks for a longer time period you come into a flow and it’s getting faster and easier to accomplish your task.

What can you batch at home and at your work to get things done faster?


Planning ahead is an important step to gain more clarity and focus towards your to do’s, dreams and goals.

Without planning ahead you most likely are going to spin your wheels with the to do’s which will always pop up from nowhere and stay busy doing random things all the time not moving the needle forward towards your goals.

Maybe you don’t even know what your goals are.

No matter how far you are with knowing what you want in life and business, finding out what you want and planning ahead are the first steps towards a successful life and business.

Use the templates from the printable Go For Your Dreams Planner and start turning your dream into realizable goals.


While knowing what you want and planning are the first steps to success, scheduling and taking action are inevitable.

Many successful entrepreneurs like Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins schedule their days the night before.

This way they wake up in the morning with a clear mind and know exactly what they have to do to move towards their goals and dreams.

I personally like to plan out my week at the weekends and make a rough plan from Monday to Sunday.

As a mom, I can’t predict the night before how often my son will wake up that night and therefore how I’m going to sleep.

This is why I like to only make a rough plan and finalize all the things in the morning.


Ask yourself every evening or morning (it depends when you are scheduling your tasks):

“What is the most important task I want to get done today?”

This should be a task you still feel good about in case you get nothing else done during the day except this one task.

I personally like to set a maximum of 3 main tasks for the day and prioritize from the most important to the least important.

Always focusing to accomplish the most important first and in case there is more time left to tackle the other 2 tasks as well.


Setting time limits can be a game-changer.

There is a law called the Parkinsons law which states “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.

This means you usually need as much time as you think you need to accomplish a task.

We know those students (I was one of them) who like to finish their assignments just the night before the deadline and somehow it always works out.

No matter how much time they have they get it done – they have to because there is no more time left.

Set yourself time limits for the tasks you want to do.

Try to set realistic but less time on purpose.

This way you’ll be more eager to finish the task faster.

Use the “Master Your Task” template from the printable Go For Your Dreams Planner to get things done quicker.


Switch off your phone and all potential distractions before you sit down to work.

Set a clear intention to not randomly check your social media while you are working.

The study from the University of California Irvine shows that we need around 23 minutes and 15 seconds to refocus after each distraction.

Checking social media counts to these distractions.

If you have trouble controlling yourself especially with social media, there is an app called The Freedom App, which blocks those sites for you so you won’t have a chance to check in while you’re working.


Checking emails several times per day can be as distracting as scrolling through social media or as having dozens of notifications or your phone.

First off switch off all notifications from your phone.

Then set a specific day and time when you’re going to check your emails.

The 4-Hour Workweek hero Tim Ferriss for example only checks his emails once per week! Namely every Monday morning.

You don’t have to go into such an extreme and check your emails only once per week as he does but you could limit it to once per day.

If Tim Ferriss can do it, you can do it too!


Besides managing your time to get more done it’s also very important to take care of your energy.

By energy I mean your physical, mental and spiritual well being.

The best time management tools and productivity hacks won’t bring you any success in the long run if you don’t take care of your energy and neglect your well being.

Taking care of yourself is crucial for your productivity.

There is no witchcraft involved.

You can manage your energy and increase your productivity by doing these 6 things:

  • Sleep 7 to 8 hours per night
  • Drink plenty of freshwater during the day
  • Eat fresh fruits and veggies
  • Exercise every other day
  • Meditate every day
  • Work in a well-ventilated environment with good lighting


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