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Have you ever wondered how really busy and successful people like Oprah Winfrey and Sir Richard Branson are able to get so much done?

They don’t have more time per day than we do, but still, seem to have some kind of magic powers.

This post will reveal some of their secrets + you’ll learn about additional productivity tips that you can apply to your life with ease as well.

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  • Focus on 1 thing at a time
  • Delegate
  • Stop dwelling in I don’t know
  • Quantity over perfection
  • Don’t wait for motivation
  • Engage in high-value activities
  • Be proactive


Entrepreneur and multi-billionaire Oprah Winfrey doesn’t prefer multi-tasking.

Instead, she proposes to use radical focus” to get things done.

Giving undivided attention to one task and tackling one project after the other is one of her secrets to success.

How you can apply this to your life?

Have clear goals for each day and do one thing at a time.

Avoid being busy and escape trying to do several things at once.

Whenever you are feeling tempted to check your social media while you are working, stop yourself and remember to be radically focused on 1 thing at a time.


Sir Richard Branson is the owner of more than 400 companies and has an estimated net worth of 4,2 billion USD.

While this all sounds so unreal he is actually a human being with a few productivity hacks we can learn from.

One of his productivity tips is to delegate.

While you probably don’t own 400 companies and don’t have more than 4 billion USD in your bank account you can still make use of his advice.

Delegating the tasks you aren’t an expert in or don’t enjoy doing can save you a lot of time and make you more productive with the things you enjoy doing.

In real life, this could be for example ordering a pizza for dinner if you don’t enjoy cooking.

Or ordering food online instead of grocery shopping in the supermarket.

Or buying this robot vacuum cleaner that cleans your apartment for you.

What else could you delegate to free up time for the things that you really enjoy doing?


Highly productive people make the most of their time.

They figured out a way to use the same amount of time we all have in a smarter way.

Being proactive instead of reactive is one of their productivity hacks.

They are true time management ninjas.

By guarding their given time, freeing up more time, and investing their time wisely.

Proactive people plan their days and avoid checking and reacting to emails and social media randomly and always right away.

Instead, they have dedicated time to answer those requests.

They also have scheduled a time to do their tasks.


Ever had a situation where you had to make a decision but were dwelling in “I don’t know” instead.

From personal experience, I bet you do have those situations as well.

One of my “I don’t know” I can vividly remember was last year. 

The task I had scheduled in my calendar was to inform the new landlord that we want to move into the apartment.

But I was lingering in “I don’t know” whether to move into apartment A or to apartment B.

So this tiny task of informing the landlord turned into a several hour decision making process.

It would have been smarter to schedule extra time in my calendar to figure out which apartment is the best first.

Instead of dwelling in, I don’t know for hours.

Sitting in front of your scheduled task and lingering in “I don’t know” won’t bring you closer to your goals.

Neither will it help you to increase your productivity.

Worry, confusion and I don’t know are the ultimate productivity killers.

Don’t indulge in those.

Instead, take action and tackle your tasks.


As a designer, I can emphasize the importance of quantity over perfection.

Creatives and content creators will hardly be satisfied with their work straight away if they ever will be.

Trying to create one perfect design or one perfect blog post can be paralyzing and at worst stop your creative flow.

A couple of years ago at University (when I was still a design student) we even had a class with the goal to create as many designs as possible within one hour.

The goal of the class was to forget perfection, to train our skills, and to enjoy the creative flow.

The results were astonishing.

While our sketches looked very tensed before the class after this exercise we had tons of amazing creative designs as a result.

As perfection is a myth and doesn’t exist, try to remember to follow the principle of “progress over perfection”.

It doesn’t mean that your work should be sloppy, but don’t aim for an A+ all the time.

Stay in your flow and create more rather than trying to get 1 thing perfect.

It won’t work anyway.

Statistically seen you have to create 10 things to be successful with one.

Whether it’s a design or a blog post it’s the same.

Therefore forget perfection and just start creating.

You can always improve along the way.


Not being motivated to take on the task you scheduled in your calendar is normal.

Your brain always wants to seek pleasure and comfort.

It wants to keep you in your comfort zone.

Cozy on the couch drinking hot chocolate and watching Netflix.

While there is nothing wrong with watching a movie for entertainment once in a while it won’t bring you closer to your goals.

Your brain seeks instant gratification.

No one feels 24/7 motivated and that’s ok.

However, you shouldn’t throw in the towel and indulge in pleasure whenever you don’t feel motivated.

Remember the goals you reached in the past and all the things you are proud of.

Use these positive feelings as fuel every time you feel unmotivated to take on your tasks.

Then go and do the work.


What are the activities that bring you closer to your goal?

Which activities are aligned with your core values?

Focus on high-value activities! These are the ones that are empowering.

They move you forward towards your goal.

A high-value activity could be writing a blog post in 2 hours without interruptions through emails, social media, and phone.

Or it could be spending 2 hours with your loved ones in the park playing and having fun.

A low-value activity could be browsing through social media and comparing yourself to others and watching Netflix for 4 hours mindlessly without any purpose and just for the sake of killing time.


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