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A few years back I wasn’t aware of the fact why online entrepreneurs should have an email list or what an email list even is.

It’s kind of embarrassing to admit that although I’ve studied so much about business the very first time I started to build an email list was in 2018.

Before that, I simply didn’t know why I should have one.

If you are new to blogging or even blogging for a while (as I was)  you might ask yourself as well why you should start an email list.

In this post, I give you my answers to this question.

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  • Build a tribe
  • Get to know your readers
  • Build relationships
  • Know, like, trust
  • Recommendation from a friend
  • The best email service provider


We all want to belong to something bigger than ourselves.

You can call it a tribe, community or movement.

The essence behind all of them is the same.

To gather a group of like-minded people, to connect with them and to exchange thoughts and experiences with each other.

Having a tribe around a certain interest or topic can empower all members within the tribe.

It can inspire the ones who are at the beginning of their journey and haven’t really started yet.

Or uplift the others who already started but are currently struggling or motivate the ones to keep going.


As soul-based bloggers and entrepreneurs, our focus isn’t about selling anything to people for the sake of making money.

It’s about serving an audience you care about.

And the best way to serve them is by creating the products they want and need.

By having an email list you can get to know your readers better.

You can connect with them, they can connect with you and you both can keep in touch with each other.

From time to time they will reach out to you with their questions and tell you what they need the most from you.

You can answer their needs with your free and paid content.

It’s a win-win for both.

You take your expertise and time to create content and products to serve your audience with the things they are looking for and need most.

In return, they get what they are looking for from you and give you money for the product or service that you created for them to help solve their problem and save their time.


Just like with any other relationship the relationship with your readers starts with a conversation.

By having an email list and being able to keep in touch with them you can consciously build a relationship with your audience.

You can pop into their inbox and chat with them like with a friend.

If they like you they’ll read your stuff and sometimes even reply and if they don’t like you they can simply unsubscribe.

It’s as easy as that.

Just like with any other relationship in real life you can start, grow, or end it.


In marketing having a good relationship with your readers is often described as the know, like, trust factor.

Just like with anyone else you meet in real life you start to talk with each other and after a while you see if you know, like, and trust the person or not.

By being able to keep in touch via email chances are high that your readers can get to know you better.

By doing so they can also decide better whether they like and trust you or not.


I don’t know how about you but I love to chat with my family and friends and tell them about all the things I love, find inspiring or even life-changing.

They usually do the same with me and I’m always happy to receive new inspirations and information about the things I’m interested in.

By having an email list you can do the same with your readers.

I’m personally more likely purchasing an item that is recommended by a friend of mine than buying randomly something I saw on someone’s page I don’t know.

Usually, it’s the same with my friends as well.

For example, I’m interested in healthy living and a few years back I was looking for a way to filter our water at home.

So I started to do a ton of research on water filters and asked my friends about their water filters and experiences with them.

I ended up buying a filter one of my friends had used for years.

Because I knew that she has the same interests as I do, she has done a lot of research on water filters as well and is satisfied with the result her water filter provides.

The juicer and blender I purchased because it was recommended by a blogger who I follow, like and trust.

Even though I made my own research on the products it saved me research time because I got Infos about the positive and negative features of the products from someone who was already using it.

By making recommendations to your audience about the things you love you can save them time.

The time they otherwise would spend researching.

You can also inspire and educate them with the things that might help them on their journey.

Besides helping them you can also make money by recommending the things you love for example through affiliate marketing.

Seriously I don’t know any better way to make money.

Genuinely recommending something you believe in and helping with it someone you care about.


Of course, when you decide to build an email list you need an email service provider you can send the emails from.

While you probably are using for your private emails a free email service like Gmail to chat with your friends, you can’t continue to do so with your readers.

For the simple reason that they’ll be hundreds and even thousands of people on your email list after a few months to a few years into your blogging business.

I don’t even want to imagine the chaos of chatting with so many people through Gmail.

And you certainly would need to upgrade your account quickly.

Therefore I don’t see a way around investing in a good email service provider right from the beginning.

The best email service provider I came across so far and am also using since 2018 is called Convertkit.

I’ve written a review on Convertkit here.

It’s a paid email service provider starting at $29 per month up to 1000 people on your email list.

The thing I love about Convertkit is that you can tag and segment your readers according to their interests.

That means once you set up a tag in Convertkit you can see how many people are interested in a certain topic.

Besides tagging and segmenting your audience you can also send broadcasts to all or just to a certain segment of your readers at once, preschedule emails and automate them in advance.

With Convertkit you can keep your readers and your business organized and this saves you a ton of time in the long run.

You can try out Convertkit 14 days for free here via this link.