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Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration for creatives all around the globe and I hardly know any woman who isn’t using Pinterest in their personal life. 

Whether you are looking for fashion ideas, recipes, or want to DIY something around your house. You probably find a bunch of ideas, products, and articles about it on Pinterest.

Most of you landed on my blog because of a pin that you found enticing enough on Pinterest to click over to my blog. 

It’s actually currently the number one source for traffic to my blog and it’s constantly growing. And it’s all organic. That means that I don’t pay advertisement fees to entice people to click over to my blog. It happens naturally. 

442 million people across the world (mainly women) use Pinterest every month to try something new. 

As a blogger and business owner, it means one important thing: = opportunity!

It means that there are a lot of people on Pinterest who might be interested in exactly what YOU have to share and in what YOU have to offer.

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Pinterest is one of the best platforms that you can use to get visitors to your blog and business without the need for a huge following.

In my opinion, it’s the best platform because the barrier of entry is very low. You can set up an account for free, you don’t have to pay for advertisement fees in order to succeed on the platform and you don’t need a huge following either.

It is considered a social media platform but it’s totally different from Facebook and Instagram.

It was not created for socializing, but functions more as a search engine like Google and Youtube does. 

People who go onto Pinterest don’t go there to chat with their friends and peers.

Instead, they either already have a question or at least an idea in their minds that they want to solve with Pinterest or they are there to be inspired. 

It could be a recipe, an outfit, a DIY project they are looking for or really anything that improves their lives. 

Improving other people’s lives was the initial intent behind creating Pinterest. 

Once you pin a pin onto Pinterest it can live on the platform for months and years to come.

Even going viral while being entirely new on the platform is possible on Pinterest.

This is what happened to me in 2018.
A few of my pins went viral 12 weeks after I launched this blog back in 2018. It resulted in an increase in my monthly views on Pinterest and in more readers on my blog. 


The times where you as a blogger are using your platform as kind of an online diary are certainly over. 

Your blog isn’t about you but about your audience. 

What you are writing on your blog has to make sense and deliver value to your audience.

Ideally, it saves them time and solves a problem for them. 

You as a blogger and business owner have to make sure to deliver the solution for your audience’s problem in the form of blog posts and products. 


As Pinterest is a search engine similar to Google it’s important to incorporate keywords in your Pinterest strategy as well. 


The best way to do so is by using the right keywords on your Pinterest profile, on your Pinterest boards, in your pin descriptions, and on your pins in order to be found by your ideal audience. 

The content creators that don’t keep this advice are the ones who barely get visitors to their site from Pinterest.


Pinterest is a little bit different from Google and Youtube as it is a visually based search engine.

Meaning on Pinterest not only keywords in your profile, on your boards, in your pin description and on your pins matter BUT also the pictures you are using on your pins.

If you want to succeed on Pinterest it’s crucial to take into consideration also the pictures you are using on your pins.

Do these reflect the topic you are talking about in your post and is the picture in congruence with the keywords that you have on your pin and in your pin description?

If not it’s time to change that.


Besides not utilizing the right keywords and pictures on your Pinterest profile the right way another common mistake I keep on seeing over and over again is inconsistency.

In order to succeed on Pinterest, it’s inevitable to pin high-quality pins several times per day, each and every single day onto your profile.

You don’t have to pin hundreds of pins onto your boards each day it’s enough to pin just a few but it’s important that you keep on pinning onto your profile every single day manually or by using a Pinterest approved smart scheduler.

I manually pinned for a month in April 2018 when I started this blog and it was a pain to pin every single day onto Pinterest.

Therefore I signed up in May 2018 for tailwind, the only Pinterest approved smart pin scheduler I recommend. 

With tailwind, you schedule out your pins in advance and can basically set it and forget it.

Tailwind is pinning your pins onto Pinterest every single day at optimized times meaning when your audience is most active.

Plus you have insight into your tailwind analytics that help you create more of the content your audience wants.

It’s a win-win for you and for your audience.

Try tailwind for free via this link. 


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