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As an online entrepreneur, we have to know how to spend our time wisely.

We are responsible to manage our time, energy and money carefully to be effective and successful in our business.

The majority of online entrepreneurs claim that the work-life balance is a myth and that it can never be reached.

I disagree with this statement to a certain degree.

It’s always up to you as a business owner which importance you assign to your time, to your energy and to your money.

If you are just focusing on being busy, hustling around and working your butt off and don’t keep in mind your energy and your time, you’ll never have a tranquil work-life balance.

I truly believe that it doesn’t have to be like this.

You can be an online entrepreneur making money and have a sort of balance in your life.

In my opinion, having the right strategies in place, increasing mindfulness and improving your productivity is the way to go when you want to have more balance in your life.

Implement these mindfulness and productivity hacks into your life and improve your work life balance via #mindfulnesstips #productivitytips #worklifebalance #lillaliptak


  • The magic of 3
  • 1 Thing at a time
  • Plan ahead
  • Workout
  • Meditate
  • Sleep
  • Eat well
  • Create routines
  • Make it simple
  • Minimalist desk
  • Delete
  • Delegate & automate


These 12 tips are intended to help you identify where you can improve as an online business owner to reduce busyness and to invite more balance into your life.


Your head is probably full of ideas you want to realize.

There are tons of to do’s on your list you want to get done asap and your desk is full of post-it notes with reminders of the tasks you want to tackle right now.

It’s just overwhelming and frustrating.

You don’t even know where to start.

I get you because I was in the same place where you are right now.

Then I heard somewhere to just set 3 goals per day and to stick with those.

I tried it and love it because it works.

How do you set just 3 goals from all those things you want to and have to do?

The first step is to identify from all those tasks, to-do’s and ideas the 3 most important ones.

These 3 should be the ones that move the needle forward in your business.

If you are a blogger this might be a new blog post as one of your goals for a daily task or if you are a designer this might a new product design.

I think you get the idea.

Now when you set those 3 goals I want you to identify the most important one out of these 3.

What you would do now is to focus on realizing this number one goal first during the day.

When you have time to do the other 2 as well that’s awesome, but if you don’t this should be ok for you as well.

This one major goal should be your priority to focus on.

Repeat this every day and move your business forward day by day.


If you are somewhat like the majority of us you might tend to multitask.

I’m multi-passionate and multitasking was my second nature.

In my free time, I loved preparing food while I was talking on the phone with my mum, and checking my Facebook feed + listening to music. All at once.

This was at the time where I wasn’t really mindful of my actions that lead to the consequence that I often felt overwhelmed and burned-out.

A few years later however I started to meditate.

This helped me to become more mindful of my actions.

When I dove deeper into meditation and also learned about minimalism it all clicked and I realized that it’s much more effective to do just 1 thing at a time and to stop multitasking.

Doing only 1 thing at a time is an effective method to avoid confusion and overwhelm and to get more stuff done with greater focus.


Have a vision and a plan for your life and for your business.

Use the Go For Your Dreams Planner to break down your yearly goals to quarterly, monthly and weekly tasks and daily to do’s.

Know what’s on your plate long-term and short-term.

Plan out each day the night before you go to bed.

Set your intention for the next day already the night before.


Did you know that exercising can enhance your focus and relax your body and mind?

You might like going to the gym or for a run regularly before or after work.

In case you don’t have a workout routine yet you could place a home trainer in your office and exercise for 30minutes as part of your morning routine or during work whenever you feel stressed out or overwhelmed.

I bought myself this home trainer, it’s in my office and I use it as part of my morning ritual or whenever I feel that I could get more focus.


Meditation is one of the most powerful, life-changing tools I got to know so far in life.

Besides increasing your self-awareness, relaxing your body and mind, strengthening your immune system, sharpening your focus, improving your productivity and reducing stress hormones in your body it has even more benefits.

Harvard Business School claims that meditation and mindfulness are two of the most effective tools for business leaders.

As a business owner mindfulness can help you improve your strategy and planning as well.

In case you aren’t meditating yet, this is your sign to get started with it NOW!

Use this amazing tool to improve business performance and the overall quality of your life.

If you don’t know how to start the Meditation For Beginners course created by Giovanni Dienstmann is the way to go.

He has over 18years of meditation experience and has taught over 20.000 people how to meditate.

His course is very easy to comprehend and the perfect way to start your meditation practice.

Sign up for the course through this link and get started!


Sleep deprivation is a huge topic for busy entrepreneurs.

I’ve read a few articles on how much sleep we really need as humans and heard from 2h per night to 4h and up to 8h all sorts of theories.

But let’s look at the facts and scientific research results on how much sleep we really need.

Dr. Julie Silver from Harvard medical school suggests according to new research results on sleep that getting 7h to 8h of sleep every night is the appropriate amount we should strive for.

Sleeping 4h to 5h per night in a row causes people to perform similarly as being drunk.  

On the contrary 7h to 8h of sleep is crucial for maintaining good health.

As busy as you are, make sure to get enough sleep at night.  

What can you do to get better sleep:

  • have a regular sleep schedule
  • avoid watching tv /smartphone / laptop 30minutes before you are going to bed
  • quit drinking caffeine or at least don’t drink any in the afternoon and evening
  • read a book in bed to feel asleep more easily
  • relax before you go to bed
  • meditate before you go to bed
  • drink a hot cup of camomille tea
  • diffuse lavender oil


Whenever we are busy we tend to grab sth quickly just to satisfy the hunger.

Our choices aren’t always the healthiest when we make them while we are busy.

Eating well is just as important as getting enough sleep each night.

Think about foods you can eat matching a healthy eating plate.

Healthy meal planning will help you to eat well even if you are in a hurry.

You can plan out your meals every Sunday and buy your groceries according to your plan.

If you only have healthy food at home, in your office, and in your bag, you’ll less likely have the chance to eat quickly something unhealthy.


Create a powerful morning routine to start your day energized.

A morning routine is sth you do just for yourself before you start your day.

This could, for example, include exercising, meditation, listening to an inspiring podcast, listening to happy music and doing a morning dance.

It can be anything that helps you to start your day with joy.  

If you want to learn more about how to create a morning routine there is a book called Miracle Morning where you can dive deeper into this topic.  

End your days with a relaxing evening routine to wind down well so you can sleep well.

Your evening routine could, for example, include reading a book, taking a bubble bath, drinking tea.


Just like meditation helps you to invite more balance in your life, so does the not so obvious approach of minimalism.

In particular, adopting a minimalist wardrobe and being minimalistic when it comes to your office space.

First things first. What is a minimalist wardrobe?

It’s also called a capsule wardrobe and the idea behind it is to wear just a certain number and color and style of clothes for a determined amount of time.

For example for a season, for an entire year, etc.

Why is it a good idea to have a minimalist wardrobe as a busy entrepreneur?

Every time you give yourself too many options you will experience after a while decision fatigue.

Your brain literally needs a break from decision making.

So why spend your precious brain capacity on deciding which clothes to wear when you can use the same amount of energy to make important decisions for your business instead.

What’s your benefit from a minimalist wardrobe?

  • You don’t have to stress out each day what to wear.
  • You know exactly what you are going to wear and have your focus on more important tasks
  • You save time because you don’t need to constantly look for matching accessories
  • It saves you money
  • You avoid decision fatigue

Just like Mark Zuckerberg is wearing his plain gray T-Shirts, and Barack Obama only his gray or blue suits you can choose what you love and wear it to save time, money and brainpower for more important tasks in your business.


Just like the minimalist wardrobe, the minimalist desk in your office can help you to be more balanced and productive.

An overcrowded, cluttered desk can awake the feeling of anxiety and overwhelm.

With a cluttered desk, your mind gets constantly stimulated with all the stuff laying around and your focus and attention get distracted from what really has to be done.

The clutter on your desk continuously signals your brain that you aren’t done yet and have to do more.

It’s nearly impossible to relax or to work with a focus in such an environment.

What’s the solution?

Declutter your office including your desk and only keep what you really need.

Keep your office simple and minimalistic.

This way you won’t be distracted by all the clutter, can work with more focus and be more relaxed and productive.


Switch off all notifications on your phone and on your laptop.

You don’t have to know in real-time who is posting what on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp.

For your sanity and peace of mind go ahead and delete also all unnecessary, distracting apps from your phone.

You don’t have to be accessible on 247 different platforms by each and every one.

Trust me people who really want to connect with you will do.


Just as with the annoying apps and notifications delete the unimportant stuff in your business.

To find out which ideas and tasks to delete I like to ask myself the question:

“Does this move the needle forward?”

If it may help you achieve your goal – keep the idea and if it doesn’t – delete it.

Delegate the small stuff in your business that also someone else could easily do and focus your attention on the things only you can do in your business.

As a small business owner, you might do everything by yourself which is totally fine but keep in mind once you are growing to a larger business it’s inevitable to delegate pieces of your work to someone else if you want to have some sort of balance in your life.

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss opened my eyes to how important delegation and automation are to run a less time consuming yet successful business.


Download the free Go For Your Dreams Guide and learn about the steps you have to take to achieve your goals.

Use the templates from the printable Go For Your Dreams Planner and turn your dream into an actionable plan.