Hey, I´m Lilla

A smoothie loving Online Entrepreneur, Multipassionate Designer and Manager.

Most days you can find me sitting in my yoga pants on our couch with my laptop on my lap blogging or with my son in my arms cuddling and reading books.

I’m mostly known for being a woman who doesn’t like to cook and manages to set the kitchen on fire so I’ll just stay with my blender and eat smoothies every day.

I love serving the world by encouraging creative lady bosses to create fulfilling lives and businesses.

One of the things I’m most passionate about in life is educating creative women about the power of their minds to create the life and business they are dreaming about.

When I’m not busy sitting in front of my screen or spending quality time with my family you can find me listening to podcasts, watching documentaries or traveling.

As a personal development enthusiast, I’m proud to say that the following two of my motivational quotes have been featured by Anthony Robbins on Pinterest.


Your Only Limit Is Your Mind

After over 2 years of backpacking around the world and 30 days in silent meditation, I’m convinced that our mind is our only limit. Most of the time our doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs hold us back from creating the life we desire to live. Once we see our mind as a supporting tool rather than an obstacle the possibilities of change and transformation are endless.

There is no failure you either win or learn

Another guiding principle I believe to be true is that there is no failure, we can only either win or learn.

By using mindfulness as a tool we are able to be aware of our actions.

Life will not always go the way we plan it, because we can´t control circumstances.

However, we can have control over our mind and choose mindfulness to see what we can learn out of the situations which didn´t turned out in the way we planned it.


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