I’m Lilla Liptak

I’m a designer, manager, and educator with big dreams and goals. Born in Hungary and raised in Germany I’m obsessed with: traveling, marketing, conscious living, and slow fashion.

I always loved to be creative and already knew at age 10 that I wanted to become a fashion designer. This dream made me move 300km away from my parents at age 17 to study fashion design. At age 22 I landed a job as a designer in the fashion industry and thought that I made it. But this job turned out to be uncreative, and unfulfilling. I felt desperate by realizing that all I had dreamed about crumbled.

At age 24 while I was still working at that company I started to write for a German newspaper as a creative outlet about fashion trends at the weekends. Little did I know back then that writing for a newspaper would turn over time into blogging and finally into my online business.

The drive to let my creativity flow allowed me to escape the ordinary, to travel the world and to do what I love.

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