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While there are thousands of WordPress plugins out there helping you to customize your website you need to know one thing:

Installing a bunch of plugins will slow your website down.

This, on the other hand, is counterproductive for search engine optimization.

That’s the reason why you should carefully pick the plugins you really need for your blog and forget about the rest.

In this post, I give you an overview of the plugins I personally use, love and recommend.

This post is designed to help you get an overview of the best plugins to rock your blog.


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  • GDPR cookie consent banner
  • Ftc disclosure
  • Yoast Seo
  • Social warfare & social warfare pro
  • Related posts plugin
  • Simple 301 redirects
  • Hello bar
  • SG optimizer


Let’s get started with the best WordPress plugins to rock your blog in 2020!


You might have heard about the GDPR (= General data protection regulation).

It’s a new law on data protection and privacy for everyone located in Europe. (In the European Union and European economic area.)

When you have a website or blog open to being accessed by people from Europe you need to abide by the GDPR law.

It’ s a very complex topic and I won’t dive into this topic here much deeper just want to let you know that one part of the GDPR is to inform people visiting your website/blog about the cookies you collect on your site.

You can do this with the free WordPress plugin: GDPR consent banner.


Are you planning to add affiliate links to your blog and monetize your content with affiliate marketing?

If so you have to disclose it to your readers.

The disclosure should be before you link to a product or service which can potentially bring you money.

Either you write the disclosure by hand before you start each blog post (that’s what I used to do in the beginning).

Or you can install the FTC disclosure plugin with a text explaining that your post contains affiliate links. (that’s what I’m doing now.)

You can install the free FTC disclosure WordPress plugin and don’t have to worry again whether you have disclosed your affiliate links or not.
This plugin makes sure that there is a disclosure right at the top of any of your blog posts.


The Yoast SEO plugin is a must-have if you want to optimize your content for Google to get organic traffic to your site.

Once this plugin is installed you’ll be able to see how good your readability and your SEO is for each post you produce.

It has a traffic light system (red, yellow, green) showing you in which area you are right now and how to improve your text and SEO to get the green light for both.

It’s very easy to use and a bulletproof plugin helping you to be more successful with blogging. I use their free version. 

You can access the free plugin, YOAST Seo, here.


To maximize your social shares and drive more traffic to your blog you have to make sure that your blog posts are shareable very easily to all major social media platforms.

The best plugin I know up to date is the paid plugin called Social Warfare Pro.

With Social Warfare Pro you have control over what’s going to be shared from your website.

You can easily write the texts for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in the dashboard of your blog post and specify how the shared content should look like individually for each platform.

Besides customizing your message for each social media platform you can also make the social share buttons floating and in your brand color.

Floating share buttons increase the chance that your post gets shared more often by your readers.

I personally don’t know any better social share plugin up to date and therefore highly recommend to install Social Warfare Pro


The related posts plugin helps your reader to stay longer on your blog by suggesting at the end of each blog post related topics to them.

It’s a win-win for both.

Your reader stays longer on your site and gets more of the content he/she is interested in.

The related posts plugin is free to use.


Non existing sites are the 404 not found pages and can occur whenever you delete a blog post or change the URL for your existing post.

Broken 404 sites can hurt your account and credibility in Google and Pinterest eyes.

Landing on a 404 not found page is not only bad user experience but it’s also penalized by search engines like Pinterest and Google.

With the simple and free 301 redirects plugin, you can easily redirect non-existing sites your new pages.


WWSGD is the acronym for what would Seth Godin do.

With this free plugin, you can craft a custom welcome message to your readers.

It’ll be displayed right before your blog post starts and is a good way to let your readers know about special deals for your readers they might love.


The hello bar is similar to the bar you can see at the top of my website.

Mine is custom made by a web designer that’s why I haven’t installed this plugin.

In case you don’t have a web designer you can use the free hello bar plugin to craft a similar bar on your website.

With the top bar on your website, you let your visitors know about your best freebie offer you think they might love.

The link in your hello bar than can lead them to a landing page where they can opt-in to receive their freebie.

It’s a great way to connect with your audience and to convert random surfers on your website into recurring readers.


In case your host is Siteground (this is the one I currently use and love) you can install the SG optimizer plugin.

This plugin makes sure to link all the optimizations given by Siteground with your WordPress account.

All tools I recommend and mention in this post at a glance:

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