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Unlike most bloggers out there I haven’t tried a bunch of email service providers before I signed up for Convertkit but I made a lot of research before I decided to sign up for one.

While I’ve heard about a bunch of free and paid email services like MailChimp, Mailerlite, Aweber, and Infusionsoft just to name a few, there was one provider I kept hearing over and over again.

It was Convertkit.

Recommended by various bloggers and online business owners as the must-have tool for a blog / online business. 

So I signed up for Convertkit in January 2018 (before I even launched this blog) to give it a try.

You can try it out 14 days for free here via this link.

In this post, I share with you what Convertkit is, how it works, my experiences with Convertkit and whether it’s worth the investment or not based on my experience and my opinion.


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  • What is Convertkit
  • How does Convertkit work
  • Price point
  • My experience with Convertkit
  • Is it worth the investment
  • Know what you want


Convertkit is an email marketing software created by Nathan Barry in 2013.

Nathan Barry was a blogger and online business owner himself knowing exactly the needs we have when it comes to email marketing.

His focus was and still is the content creator.

Therefore Convertkit is an email marketing software that is easy to use, affordable and versatile.


Just like with any other email service provider, you can connect Convertkit with your blog/website and send your emails from your domain email address instead of using Gmail.

Besides having a professional email address Convertkit also has a bunch of other features like sign up boxes, landing pages, sequences, automations, and tagging features. 


You can easily create sign up boxes and even complete landing pages with Convertkit.

It’s possible to customize both with your brand colors and brand photos.

And you don’t have to worry about the audience from Europe as you can set up a GDPR box and see who of those gave you consent to be on your email list.

All the ones who just want to grab your freebie and don’t want to be on your email list you can remove with just a click.


With Convertkit you can set up automated emails the so-called sequences.

An email sequence consists of several pre-written emails and can be something like a welcome sequence for your readers or a series of educational emails around a certain topic.


You can set up automations for the pre-written email sequences and tag your audience according to their preferences.

Automations save you a ton of time as you don’t have to sit in front of your computer day and night and welcome each of your new subscribers one by one by yourself.

You write the email once, set up the automation and Convertkit takes care of the delivery at the right time.

This way you are able to care for and to serve your readers even while you’re sleeping.


Another feature Convertkit has is the so-called broadcast.

You can use it whenever you want to send an email like a newsletter to either a part of your subscribers (you can decide to whom) or to all of them.


With Convertkit you can tag your subscribers according to their preferences.

This way you can exactly know what your audience is interested in and can serve them better with the content they need and want from you the most.



The price for Convertkit starts at $29/month up to 1000 subscribers.

From there it’s increasing depending on the number of subscribers you have.


I don’t like the fact that Convertkit doesn’t offer a free trial up to 1000 subscribers like for example, Mailchimp does.

This way you have to invest right from the beginning no matter whether you’re already making money online with your blog or not.

Especially for small bloggers and small online biz owners this is a hurdle as it can take quite some time to make some money online and to have 1000 people on the email list for a brand new blogger.

Another thing I don’t like about Convertkit is that their landing pages aren’t that pretty.

You can make different landing pages with Convertkit but I prefer to use Divi instead to create mine as I have way more possibilities creating landing pages with Divi compared to Convertkit.

Sidenote: Divi is the theme I use for my blog and am totally obsessed with. You can check out Divi here. 


While I think it’d be nice if they were offering a free trial up to 1000 subscribers, and don’t like the appearance of their landing pages apart from that my experience with Convertkit is overall positive.

I love the fact of how easy it is to use and am totally satisfied with their support.


It takes some time to understand how email marketing works, but Convertkit does a great job here.

The structure of Convertkit is simple, and the program itself is very easy to use.

They have a bunch of free posts and video tutorials where they explain in detail exactly how to use Convertkit to get started with your email marketing.


Once you are stuck and don’t know how something works you have various options to get help from Convertkit.

  • through their posts and video tutorials on their blog
  • a facebook group where you can ask questions (that’s what I used and always got support right away)
  • and a great customer support service to get help from


For me personally, I’d say it’s a clear YES.

I’m using Convertkit since January 2018 and never had any problems or regrets concerning Convertkit.

However, it depends on what your goals are.

Do you want to have a blog just for fun or do you want to take it seriously and make it your business?

I’ve had 3 blogs from 2013 until 2017 just as a creative outlet and as a hobby without the intention to monetize those.

If you are in that place right now, you clearly don’t need Convertkit.

BUT If you either want to:

  • make money blogging or
  • turn your blog into an online business
  • or run an online business

in my opinion, it’s important to treat it that way right from the beginning and then Convertkit is a must-have tool for you.


All businesses whether they are online or offline need to invest first to start the business and to make it work.

For me, it was clear that I wanted to treat this blog as a business from day 1 and therefore I invested in it before I even launched it.

I believe you always either need to invest with your time figuring things out on your own or with your money into tools that can help you figure things out faster.

Convertkit will definitely save you time in the long run.

It will take care of your customers by welcoming them and educating them through your automated email sequences even while you’re sleeping.

I’ve studied business for quite some time and know that businesses always take some time until they reach the break-even point.

So I didn’t go into my online business adventure with false expectations thinking that I’ll make 100k within the first year.

I know that a lot of other bloggers like to share that they earn 100k per month with blogging, turned their blog into huge success within the first year but if you are new to this game don’t be fooled by those stories.

That’s not the common reality! They are very rare exceptions! Most bloggers make NO money at all for years!

Just know it before you’re getting started.

When you are ready to build your business make sure to choose Convertkit as your email service provider.

You can try it out 14 days for FREE here via this link.

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