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Please follow the official guidelines regarding Covid-19 to help stop the pandemic!

I’m personally following all official guidelines, ordering food online, and am staying at home whenever I can.

Our world is currently upside down and we all are experiencing a situation that never happened before.

 I was shocked when I heard a few weeks ago that Wuhan was shut down in China and remember how surreal it all seemed to me. 

Now the same is happening in Germany as well and all around the globe.

Cities and entire countries are shut down, and people are freaking out because of the coronavirus.

I went down the rabbit hole and read all possible news and conspiracy theories around the coronavirus for 2 full weeks. Day and night, I’m not kidding! 

The end of it was that I started to feel fear, worry, and panic as well and had headaches for 2 days.

Because my brain wanted to find a solution for everything and it simply wanted to fix the situation. 

My brain wanted to fix something that was and is out of my control.

This was the time when I decided to completely switch my perception and to see this situation as a gift rather than a burden.

This doesn’t mean that I’m careless now. I still do care about the situation, I stay at home for the upcoming weeks, frequently wash my hands, avoid contact with other people but I don’t freak out about this situation anymore.

If you are in a place right now panicking about the virus I’d love to share with you what helped me and hope that it will help you to come into a more peaceful, calm, abundant mindset as well.


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  • Understand your brain
  • Limit your news input
  • Be aware of your thoughts
  • Allow your feelings
  • Count your blessings
  • Focus on the possibilities
  • Use your energy to create


The first step is to understand how our brains work.
Our brains are programmed for survival.

Whenever we face a dangerous situation in our lives the fight or flight mode gets activated in our brains.

This is what helped our ancestors in the stone age to escape from the Saber-toothed tiger.

The brain doesn’t know that there is no saber-toothed tiger anymore, but it reacts the same way when we perceive something as dangerous.

It can be activated just by watching the news.

And of course, the media is making use of it. It is not a coincidence that the majority of the news is negative. We are paying more attention to the negative because we all still have this fight or flight mode within us.

The problem with it is that your body reacts in the same way as if you’d be hunted by a tiger. 

And guess what’s the consequence of it?


Stress, on the other hand, is the best way to weaken yourself and your immune system.

If you are constantly feeding your mind with the negative news, your brain and body will constantly feel in danger and be stressed. 


My second tip is to limit your news input!

You are in control of what you are feeding your mind with.

Is it positive and helpful or does it only increase worry and anxiety within yourself?

It’s entirely in your hands what you are reading, watching and listening to.

I personally still do read the news but very limited and not to an extent as I was doing it before.

This being said, you can still read or watch the news but what I’d suggest is that you balance it out with positive news. 

Don’t go down the rabbit hole of negativity for too long. Instead, try to make it at least 50/50. 

For every negative news read something positive to balance it out.


It’s not the presence of the coronavirus that creates your feelings. It’s your thoughts about the virus that makes you feel how you are feeling right now.

My third tip is to be aware of your thoughts because your thoughts create your reality. 

It’s not the virus, it’s your thoughts about the virus and the situation you are in right now.

For me personally, the best way to become aware of my thoughts is always with mindfulness meditation. 

If you haven’t tried meditation yet, this is the time and the sign you were waiting for to give it a try!

You can read my blog post on mindfulness meditation here and take this step by step course created by Giovanni from Live and Dare.

In case you are already into meditation, NOW it’s the BEST time to strengthen your practice. 

“ Stop trying to calm the storm, calm yourself the storm will pass.” – BUDDHA 


While this might seem to contradict my tip no 2 of limiting your news input it’s not contradicting at all.

To limit your news input is not because you should suppress your feelings.

You are allowed to feel your feelings and it’s ok to feel your feelings.

But you shouldn’t feed your mind solely with negativity and indulge in your negative feelings all the time. 

Instead, try to give it a frame.

What works very well for me is to lay down for 30 minutes solely with the purpose to experience my worry and fear. 

When I do so I call all the negative crap to come up to the surface so I can look at it and then let it go. 

Sidenote: If you are dealing with any type of mental health issues do NOT do this exercise!


While you might feel overwhelmed right now with all the things going on, I bet that you still have amazing things in your life as well.

My tip no 5 is to focus on those every single day.

You can either think about it, use a journal and write it down or use social media to share the good stuff.

  • You are alive
  • you are healthy
  • you have a roof over your head
  • you have food 
  • you have toilet paper (just kidding)


What are the amazing things that come with your current situation?

With your quarantine or with the shutdown of the city you are in?

Think of those and focus on the possibilities that arise from those.

For me personally, I love the fact that a lot of people are reading homeschooling books right now because the kids are at home. I really hope that some parents will experience an aha moment and that this situation will help change the dusty, rigid schooling system and help us all create a more amazing system for our kids.


My last tip is to use your energy instead of worrying about something you can’t control to create something that you’d love to see/ have in this world.

All tools I mentioned in this post at a glance:

  • Master Your Mind is a step by step online meditation course for beginners created by Giovanni from Live and Dare.

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