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Meditation from my perception is a life-changing and the most important tool to live a conscious and balanced life.

While traveling through India in 2008, I met a wonderful friend from Fiji who told me about an interesting silent meditation retreat.

It took me 3  years until I got the guts to sign up for my first retreat because it´s pretty tough.

Meditating from 4.30 am until 9 pm for 10 days straight and not talking to anyone during these 10 days.

No cell phone, no contact with family or friends.

Breakfast at 7 am, Lunch at 11.30am and that´s it for the day. No cigarettes, no coffee, no cakes, no chocolate.

Anyway after 3 years of contemplating if I should do it or not or rather asking myself if I would be able to survive it or not – I decided to give it a try.

In August 2011 I had my first 10 days of a silent meditation retreat in New Zealand.

It was tough and at the same time, awesome and life changing!

The best thing I ‘ve ever experienced until that point in my life.

I had some more 10-day silent retreats after this one and I’ve never regretted any of it.

Meditation completely changed my life for the better and that´s why I want to share this awesome tool with you!

You can implement it in your daily life right now.


Follow these 5 easy steps and experience instant relaxation. Get the benefits of meditation and create a healthy, balanced life! via #meditation #happiness #balance #lillaliptak


  • What is meditation
  • 10 benefits of meditation
  • 5 minutes a day for more balance 
  • Supportive tools


Meditation is an ancient technique practiced in different cultures and religions.

There are a bunch of different types of meditations with various backgrounds.

I´ve tried a couple over the past 9 years and going to introduce you to the mindfulness meditation technique here in this post:

Simply because I personally find it to be the most effective when it comes to being present in the moment and creating a conscious life.

Mindfulness meditation will allow you to learn to be in the present.

You are able to create space for yourself in time to come closer to your inner self.

You can literally practice it anytime and anywhere!

You´ll become more conscious of yourself once you integrate this meditation practice into your daily life as your morning or evening ritual.

Mindfulness meditation helps us being aware of what´s going on inside and outside of ourselves each and every moment whenever we practice it.

Follow these 5 easy steps and experience instant relaxation. Get the benefits of meditation and create a healthy, balanced life! via #meditation #happiness #balance #lillaliptak


1. Reduces stress

2. Relaxes

3. Deepens breath

4. Reduces muscle tension

5. Increases awareness

6. Sharpens your focus

7. Helps against anxiety

8. Improves memory

9. Reduces high blood pressure

10. Reduces headaches


Now let´s dive into the technique you can easily practice at home whenever you feel like.


Switch off your phone and anything which could distract you from your practice.

Wear comfy clothes and choose a quiet place without any distractions.


Sit down on your floor with crossed legs and a straight back.

Head pointed straight forward.

If you have a meditation pillow, make use of it.

Using a meditation pillow is healthier for your spine.

Therefore I highly recommend getting a high-quality meditation pillow!

If you don´t have any yet and want to seriously implement meditation into your regular practice, get a good quality meditation pillow for example from Zafu Yoga


Set a timer next to you for 5 minutes.

Therefore you can use a free meditation helper app.

This way you won´t be tempted to check your watch or phone every 5 seconds 😉

Make sure the beep of your alarm is quiet, once the 5 minutes are over.

For the beginning 5 minutes will be enough, once you have more practice you can increase the time to 10minutes, 15 minutes up to open end 😉



Don´t try to control and don´t try to change your breathing.

Just notice how it feels to breathe in and out.

Breath through your nose and observe how it feels, when the air goes up your nostrils and how it feels when it passes out again through your nostrils.

Do this for 5 minutes.

You will probably have 10000 different thoughts popping up in your head. 

That´s totally normal.

Buddhist monks call our minds, a monkey mind because it´s jumping from one thought to another like a little hyper monkey.

Whenever you feel drawn away by a thought or a feeling try to refocus your attention on your breathing.  

Try not to be caught up in the thought or feeling, notice that its there and then just refocus your attention on your breathing.


You can turn your meditation practice into a relaxing ritual.

Darken your room and light an incense stick or essential oil of your choice before you start with your meditation.

The scent of incense sticks has a beneficial effect on our brains and on our mood.

The scent of lavender helps us to relax, while Sandalwood helps us being more aware.

Nagchampa is the typical incense stick cent from India.

After the meditation, you can enjoy a cup of hot Yogi Tea with nice relaxing candlelight.

All tools I recommend and mention in this post at a glance:

Are you interested in a step by step meditation course for beginners?

Check out the meditation for beginners’ course by Giovanni from Live and Dare.

I tried this course myself and can recommend it to anyone who is new to meditation.

Giovanni makes it super simple to establish a meditation practice.

All you need is just 5 minutes per day to get started.

He walks you through everything step by step and you get 60 days email support and access to an online community.

Sign up for the course via this special link and save $20!

Use this simple easy meditation technique to relax via #meditation #meditate #meditateforbeginners #meditationforbeginners #easymeditation #relax #relaxation #mindfulness #lillaliptak
Simple and easy meditation technique via #meditation #relaxation #mindfulness #lillaliptak