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An impossible goal is one that you intentionally set yourself while you believe that it is impossible to reach for you. 

It is a goal that isn’t based on your past and where you don’t see any evidence of achieving it. 

You don’t see any proof today that you can achieve it in the future.


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An impossible goal requires you to think big, to act every single day towards it in a way that moves you outside of your comfort zone. 

If you set it intentionally your brain will already know that you very likely won’t reach it and therefore it won’t tell you why you can’t do it because you already know that it’s impossible for you to accomplish. 

The power in it lays in the fact that you are taking action towards it despite knowing that you won’t reach it.

By setting intentionally an impossible goal for yourself you can unleash an inner power within yourself only gained by taking action towards this goal and by learning from your failures.

You set yourself up for failures upfront. You are going to fail for sure a lot while you’re working towards your impossible goal and that’s ok.

Over time it’ll make you feel comfortable with failing and helps you overcome your inner fear of failure.

It will also help you uplevel your thinking towards your goal.

While you might stay in your comfort zone going for your little goals today, your impossible goal will for sure move you out of your comfort zone constantly in the future.

The actions towards your impossible goal will be uncomfortable and will need a different type of thinking to reach it.

By taking little action steps outside of your comfort zone every single day towards your impossible goal this goal can become possible in the future.


Visualize yourself with your impossible goal in a way as if you’ve already reached it.

Start practicing believing in this goal.

An impossible goal could, for example, be to make $100.000 with your online business within a year while you currently may not even have a business today.

Today no business → Impossible goal $100.000/year with your own online business

There are other people who are already making $100.000 with their online business per year, there are even ones who are making more than $100.000 per month with their online business. So why couldn’t you as well, right? You totally could start your own online biz and make that much money! All you have to do is to believe in the possibility of achieving it while taking massive action every single day towards your impossible goal.

You don’t have to know exactly how you gonna reach it. It’s enough to have a bit of an idea of what to do next. 

Don’t focus day by day on the end goal, because you’ll likely give up fast if you do so. The reason for this is the fact that your impossible goal feels too massive, too huge and too daunting to accomplish. 

Instead set big action steps every single day towards your goal based on the current state of where you are today.  While you are doing so be willing to fail forward every day towards your goal.

For example, if you’re a blogger and were able to write 1 blog post yesterday: Set yourself the goal to write 2 new blog posts today instead of just 1. This inner attitude towards yourself will stretch your actions. Even though you might not reach your goal of finishing 2 new blog posts today you’ll probably finish more than just one by setting yourself a bigger goal for the day. You might finish 1 ½ blog posts today and maybe 2 tomorrow. If you are setting bigger goals for yourself day by day chances are high that you’ll more likely to work with a higher focus in the time you have to accomplish those goals.

It’s like the saying:

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.” – Les Brown 

The only thing you should keep in mind while choosing your daily goals is, that these should be bigger than the goal you set yourself yesterday and at the same time be still reachable for you today. 

They should be based on the achievements of your yesterday. 

For example, if you don’t even have a website but want to make money online aim to set up a website today and build your daily goals based on that in the future. 

If you’ve managed to set up a website but have no blog posts on it try to write 1 post today. Always stretch your goal a bit further. 

These daily goals have to be reachable and should just be a bit bigger as you are used to every single day. 



For reaching an impossible goal it’s crucial to stop making excuses. Yes, it’s hard, that’s why most people aren’t anywhere close to their dreams. Acknowledge this truth and go back to work on your daily goal by simply taking action towards it.


Be willing to be uncomfortable. You likely won’t see any evidence that you’ll reach your goal. The secret here is to still believe in your capabilities and to reach your goal anyway. 


Take action every day by starting today based on what you were capable to achieve yesterday. And don’t forget that even if you don’t see results right away you are still moving towards your goal by taking action towards it. 


Stop trying to figure out the entire process of how you gonna get from no business to $100.000/year with your own business. Instead, always focus on your next step and take action towards it day by day.


Be willing to fail forward towards your goal every single day and overcome your fear of failure step by step. Use your failure as learnings and as stepping stones on the road towards your goal.


Think big and take small steps. Keep your big vision in front of you every single day but set yourself reachable goals for the day. Therefore ask yourself every day:

“What’s the next logical step that moves me towards my impossible goal and is based on the action step I accomplished yesterday?”

In case of the $100.000 example, it could be as following

Current state: 

Today no online business  → Impossible Goal $100.000/year with online business

Next step: 

Today no online business → Set up a website and launch your blog within a month

and so on

Have fun reaching your impossible goal and becoming the best next version of yourself by taking action and failing forward towards the impossible.

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