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In this post, I share with you 5 great gift ideas for the lady boss in your life.

These gifts are all supporting her to create a successful life and business.

They will help her to stay motivated, focused and on track to chase her dreams and to tackle her goals with ease.



There is this wise saying from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

All successful people know this to be true.

In order to reach a goal, it is inevitable to make a plan.

Having a planner as a lady boss is a must.

I personally use a Leuchtturm notebook as my bullet journal but know a lot of lady bosses who either go for the day designer or the passion planner instead of using a bullet journal.


The ring bound planner DAY DESIGNER is helping you to create an intentional life with ease.

Weekly spreads and goal setting spreads help you to design each day according to your wishes and to stay on track.

Check out day designer here.



THE PASSION PLANNER is helping you to define your dream and to break it down into actionable steps.

Weekly spreads guide you through the month and a monthly reflection prompts help you to track your progress.

Compared to the day designer this planner comes in a journal format.

For more details read and see here. 



Besides having a plan it´s also important as a lady boss to set priorities and to stop being busy and start being productive instead.

Having a focus on the right task is what differentiates successful bosses from stuck entrepreneurs.


THE PRODUCTIVITY PLANNER is designed according to the Pomodoro time management technique.

It´s a premade planner supporting you to focus on the most important tasks per day and to tackle and track these goals with ease.

See full details of the planner here.


Perfect christmas gift ideas for your lady boss. See the gift guide via #christmasgiftguide #ladyboss


For a balanced lady boss, it´s also important not only to focus on the goals and business.

But to pause for a moment and cherish the now. Using a gratitude journal is the best way to do so.


THE 5-MINUTE GRATITUDE JOURNAL helps you to take a rest from all the things you have to do and just be present at the moment.

Starting and ending the day with the 5-minute gratitude journal will help you to be more aware and mindful about the little things that make you happy.

Check out the details about this journal here.


As a lady boss, it´s a necessity to push forward continuously.

Learning about mindset and business is key to success.


Audiobooks are a great way to learn and grow on the go.  

You can gift her with for example A 1-YEAR MEMBERSHIP AT AUDIBLE.

This way she can select every month 1 audiobook of her choice and listen to it whenever she wants.

The membership can be canceled anytime. Check out the details here.



A successful lady boss is a happy lady boss.

Being consistent in creating continuously is not always easy.


Having a motivational quote on your desk or hanging on your wall will help you to stay motivated throughout the day.

I don´t know any lady boss who doesn´t have a motivational quote either hanging on her wall or standing on her desk.

A motivational quote is like a whisper from a friend supporting you to keep going when you feel like giving up.

Your only limit is your mind motivational quotes. Get this motivational wall art as daily empowerment via #motivationalquotes #lillaliptak

Check out the exclusive Motivational Wall Art collection for lady bosses here.

What´s your favorite lady boss gift idea? Share it in the comments below.