Learn how to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest.

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You might or might not have already heard about the astounding power Pinterest has to receive free traffic even to a new blog.

Either way, this post will help you to understand how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your new blog.

Pinterest is the no.1 tool with a massive effect on blog traffic.

But you can’t just pin a bunch of pins onto Pinterest and think you’ll succeed.

You need a clear strategy, a feed worth following and be consistent with pinning to succeed on Pinterest.


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  • Set up Pinterest the right way
  • Have relevant boards
  • Share amazing pins
  • Use Tailwind
  • Know the ins and outs of Pinterest



With setting up Pinterest the right way I mean taking into consideration a couple of points that are key to succeed on Pinterest.

  1. Either convert your existing personal account into a business account or start new with a business account from zero.

The business account is free to use and comes with more specialties compared to a personal account.

You can, for example, add a business name to your profile and have access to your Pinterest analytics.

With Pinterest Analytics, you’ll have access to data such as your top pins and top board impressions.

  1. Verify your website through Pinterest
  2. Apply for rich pins

Set up a Pinterest feed and boards that are worth following.

To have the full scope of setting up Pinterest the right way, read the free ultimate guide to Pinterest for beginners.


By relevant I mean:

Which topics are relevant to your readers and in alignment with your blog?

Your goal on Pinterest should be to create a feed that reflects the interests of your ideal reader.

Hide irrelevant boards by making them secret.

Create new relevant boards.

Drag and drop the boards in the order which makes more sense to your readers and is more in congruence with your blog and brand.

Use keywords in your board descriptions to describe what your board is all about.

For detailed information on this step read how to set up Pinterest boards the right way.


After setting up your profile and your boards the right way you need to share amazing pins to your profile.

With amazing I mean high-quality, related to your blog and wanted by your audience.

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Those pins should not only look amazing but also lead to great content and be easily shareable from your website.

You can make your posts super easily shareable by using the plugin called Social Warfare.

The more shares those pins get the higher the chance for increased traffic through Pinterest.

Besides creating and sharing amazing pins it’s also important to share high-quality pins from others onto your profile as well.

The pins you are sharing from others should not only look good but also lead to awesome content.

Doublecheck where the pin is leading to before you share any pins to your profile.

Some pins are leading to a spammy site (when the site got hacked and the pin redirected to another page, or when the pin was stolen).

There are also pins circulating for months and years on Pinterest where the site it was once posted on doesn’t exist anymore.

Avoid spammy and 404 sites as those give you a bad reputation on Pinterest.

Pinterest will associate you with those sites and as a consequence show your pins to fewer people.


I can’t stress enough how important tailwind is to succeed on Pinterest.

Their analytics and scheduling feature is simply awesome!

It saves you tons of time and by using their analytics you’ll see exactly which pins and boards do well and know exactly what to pin when and where.

This smart scheduler even tells you which times are best for pinning especially for your audience and it pins for you!

Tailwind is a paid scheduler and costs $15/month or $120/year.

In my opinion worth every penny.

Try out tailwind 14 days for free here!

Besides their scheduling, analytics and pinning feature, they also have the so-called tribes.

You can join up to 5 tribes for free and submit up to 30pins per month to the tribe.

Tailwind tribes are similar to group boards but have a lower barrier to entry.

Means you don’t need tons of followers on Pinterest to be accepted into a tribe and chances are high your content gets shared if you follow the steps mentioned above.

There is real power in tailwind tribes!

For that matter, I’ve written an entire post just on how to get more traffic through tailwind tribes.


Now you know about the foundations for Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

If you want to dive deeper, and have a step by step walkthrough on how to make Pinterest your no 1 source for traffic generation sign up for the course called Pinterest Traffic Avalanche by Alex and Lauren from Create and Go.

In this course, you’ll find everything you need to know to succeed on Pinterest.

I’ve written a review about Pinterest Traffic Avalanche here. 

All tools I recommend and mention in this post at a glance:

  • Social Warfare is the plugin you need to make your pins very easily shareable from your blog/website.
  • Tailwind is the no 1 Pinterest approved scheduling tool you need to master Pinterest.
  • Pinterest traffic avalanche is the course with step by step guide where you learn exactly which steps to take to make Pinterest your no 1 source for free traffic.

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