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We are made of the substances we consume, therefore the statement “You are what you eat”  is true.

The problem is that we eat unconsciously a lot of unhealthy things.

Our eating habits form over a long time period very slowly.

My health tip number one is, therefore:


You might like the idea, but have no clue what I mean with it or how to do it?

I sum up what I mean by that and what you can do.

For example, I used to drink coffee in the morning with a lot of white sugar in it.

One cup of coffee with white sugar might seem to be nothing, but in the long run, it matters to your health.

I used to put 3 cubes of white sugar into my morning coffee. 3 cubes of white sugar for one coffee per day summed up to one year (365 days) makes a total amount of 1095 cubes of white sugar each year just for my morning coffee.

This was not only a huge amount of useless calories but also a danger to my health.

White refined sugar gives you the feeling of an instant energy boost, but it has no nutrition for your body.

Instead, it causes an acidic environment in your body and helps unhealthy gut bacteria to prosper.

Leaving out the 3 white sugar cubes each day from my morning coffee was just my personal example for a new conscious eating habit.

There are tons of others you can implement into your life right now.

Try to start seeing your body as a sustainable system where it matters with what you refill your energy tank.

Pick out one unhealthy eating habit and replace it with a healthy one.

It´s as simple as it sounds.

You might want to eat more fruits and veggies?

Why not starting with one additional apple a day?


Sounds too easy?

It is easy and a the same time very effective.

Studies from the HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL show positive effects of conscious deep breathing.

It decreases the stress level and lowers blood pressure instantly.

These are only 2 benefits of a lot of others.

How to do it for the first time?

Sit down comfortably onto a chair or the floor with a straight back and with your head facing forward.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose.

Letting the air flowing through your nose in and through your mouth out.

Repeat this for a few minutes to get connected with your breath.

Start with this exercise for 5 minutes per day.


It is proven that only a few minutes conscious exercises per day has a positive effect on our overall physical and mental health.

Regular exercise helps us to stay in shape, lower our blood pressure, prevent depression, reduces the risks of developing diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

An article of the HARVARD UNIVERSITY mentions that regular exercise like aerobic also keeps our brain fit.

It helps to increase the volume of our prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex.

These are the regions of our brain where we coordinate our memory and thinking.

This means if you want to improve your memory – start exercising.

Half an hour of exercise per day over a period of 6 months can already lead to an increased volume of these regions in your brain.


Spending time in nature can be a rare experience especially for people living in huge city centers.

I know what I´m talking about as I am one of them.

Especially for us in the cities, it is very important to take regular breaks in nature.

It might be a walk into a nearby park in the morning or after work, or it could be a weekend getaway into a quiet environment in nature.

Several scientific studies proved the positive effects on health and WELL BEING AFTER SPENDING SOME TIME IN NATURE.

Better a few minutes per day as no minutes at all.

It not only reconnects us to mother nature but also boosts our immune system.

It literally gives us energy and helps us to relieve stress.

The connection to nature also makes room in our head for more creativity and helps us to concentrate better as well.


Practicing gratitude for what we have is another key element of a healthy life.

Being able to identify the good things in our life is important.

It makes us optimistic about life and enables us to focus on the good things instead of what we don´t like.

It reconnects us with ourselves and with our surroundings.

Through gratitude, we not only change our view towards life but also enhance our kindness towards others.

How to practice gratitude?

One way to practice gratitude is to reflect on the past successes of your life.

You could do it, for example, every evening before you go to bed.

By closing your eyes and thinking of your past successes for a few minutes.

Another way is to pick 10 things every day for which you are grateful for.

If you want to take this exercise a bit deeper you can pick 10 things every day you are grateful for, which doesn´t cost any money.

This one is very powerful because we live in a society where money seems to rule the world.

This gratitude exercise reconnects yourself with your true inner self beyond our materialistic world.


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You are what you eat!

Choose fresh, healthy, organic and full of nutrition over fatty, sugary, junk food.


Slow down and take some conscious breaths throughout the day to relax your body, mind and soul.


Choose a sport that fits you best and exercises several times per week on a regular basis.

You don’t have to run a marathon. Start with a few minutes. Consistency is the key to success.


Reconnect with nature as often as possible.
In case you live in a huge city, go into a park or buy yourself air purifying plants and surround yourself at home with green plants.


Practice gratitude on a daily basis and train your brain to focus on the positive and be thankful for what you have in life.

Which one of these 5 simple, easy ways resonates with you the most? Which one are you already doing or want to implement into your life?