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I always loved reaching my goals, however, I didn’t always have a clear vision for my future.

About a decade ago I had a rough plan for my future but no clear vision.

Up to that point, I worked in the fashion industry for 10 years, solo traveled the world for 2 years and was working as a designer while I was also studying management at university.

I knew that I wanted to rock my studies and that I love traveling but apart from that, I had no future vision or other goals for myself.

And this manifested in my reality.

I was a great student + designer and traveled but the rest of my life kind of sucked. I was unwillingly single, on an unhealthy diet (only fast food and sweets), smoking and drinking at the weekends without any hobbies and with no future vision for myself. 

After I turned 30 I got fed up with the situation and wanted to change my life so badly so I started with meditation.

Slowly but steadily I changed my life by creating a life vision for myself and walking towards my goals every single day.

My life today is completely different compared to my life 8 years ago.

Today I have a clear future vision, a 10 years plan in place as well as my goals mapped out for the entire year.

I changed my unhealthy diet and turned vegan, stopped smoking and drinking alcohol, became obsessed with healthy, conscious living, acquired a bachelor’s and master’s degree, run a small business, have a blog I’m passionate about, as well as a supportive husband and son I love. 

I’m convinced that my success was not luck but has to do with the greater vision and goals I started setting myself back in 2012.

First I used a simple journal and had sticky notes all over the place that was a mess than I bullet journaled for a while until I found in 2019 the Slay Your Goals Planner. 

I purchased this planner right away because I wanted a planner that helped me take my big vision and break it down and structure it into tangible, actionable goals.

Without having sticky notes all over the place and without the need for bullet journaling.

I simply wanted a structured planner where I can see how I get from A (my vision) to B (my end goal).

Without the need of creating the pages by myself.


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  • What is special about this planner
  • What is in the planner
  • What I don’t like about this planner 
  • What I like about this planner
  • The bottom line


What caught my attention in the slay your goals planner was that it is solely focused on goal setting and consists of over 75 pre-made printable planner pages I can choose from.

The idea that I don’t have to prepare goal setting pages in my bullet journal anymore but have pre-made pages instead that are solely focused on goal setting made me purchase the planner right away. 

To be honest, after I opened the document I got a bit overwhelmed at first by all the possible pages I could download and start with.

This is a down-side of the planner.

But as also Nadalie, the creator of the planner states upfront it’s not necessary to print out all the pages at once and to go through all the pages at all.

This planner is like a big buffet of goal setting sheets where you can take what you need at a time.

I ended up using about 20 pages from the planner last year and this year as well.

As I already knew my bigger vision and also have planned my 10 years goals upfront, I primarily use this planner to set myself yearly goals, to break these goals into quarterly and monthly milestones and to review my goals at the end of each month and the end of the year. 

But the planner offers way more pages to start with.

You can have no vision and no goals at all and use this planner helping you to craft your vision and setting reachable goals for your future.

There are pre-made pages for this purpose in the planner in chapter 1. 


The planner is divided into 6 chapters.

Chapter 1:  Set your intention

In this chapter, you get 6 different pages to craft your vision and to set your intention

Chapter 2:  pick your no 1 goal

In this chapter, you get 10 pages to set and evaluate your goal

Chapter 3: select your quarterly goals

This chapter consists of 5 pages and guides you to break your yearly goals into smaller milestones and to set quarterly goals 

Chapter 4: plan your year

In this chapter, you get 22 pages including dated calendars for 2020 and 2021 as well as un-dated calendar pages

Chapter 5: crush your to do’s 

This chapter has 37 pages with different monthly and weekly pre-made goal setting sheets 

Chapter 6: review your goals

This chapter has review pages for your yearly, quarterly and monthly goals.


I think that the 75 pages are a bit too much and can make someone new to goal setting easily feel overwhelmed by all the pages and possibilities to start with. 

I also think that a guide stating the purpose of the pages and how to use this planner would be really helpful, especially to people who are entirely new to goal setting.

Another thing I don’t like about the planner is that the spaces to fill in your info are too small. Especially for someone who chooses to print it out and has bigger handwriting (as me).

And lastly, I also don’t prefer so much the design of the planner, but this is just a personal opinion as well.


I like about this planner that it comes in digital format.

You can either fill out the pages on your computer or print out only the pages you need. In case you choose to fill it out on your computer you have less clutter on your desk and can take your goal setting planner with you on your computer or phone.

The goal-setting pages are undated which means that once you purchase the planner you can use it forever.

You have a lot of different goal-setting pages you can choose from.

The goal-setting pages are thoroughly created and I think everyone can find valuable pages for themselves in this planner. 

And lastly, the price-performance ratio is unbeatable. You get over 75 pre-made digital pages for only $27.


Taking into consideration the positive and negative aspects of this planner I’d say that the slay your goals planner offers an insanely great price-performance ratio and is suitable for someone who wants to have a strategic planner that goes from vision down to the end goal. 

Therefore I recommend this planner to anyone serious about crushing their goals and creating their best life. 

Slay your goals planner

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